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Three Jamestown individuals were charged Wednesday for their alleged involvement in spraying graffiti at the Jamestown Gateway Train Station and under the Washington Street Bridge.

At approximately 8:02 p.m., Jamestown Police responded to the train station, located at 211 W. Second St., for a report of individuals spraying graffiti on the station’s old engine barn, a building now used for storage.

Upon arrival, officers found the barn deserted, but noticed somebody spraying paint under the Washington Street Bridge.

The individual was identified as 18-year-old Luis Cintron. He was taken into custody along with two others – 38-year-old Margaret Rosario and a 16-year-old male – who served as “look-outs” for Cintron. A 12-year-old female was also present.

Police determined that the markings at the train station engine barn were identical to those found under the bridge.

Cintron was charged with making graffiti, possession of graffiti instruments, third-degree criminal mischief, littering and endangering the welfare of a child.

Rosario and the 16-year-old male were both charged with sixth-degree conspiracy.

All three are being held at the city jail in lieu of bail. The 12-year-old female was turned over to a parent.

According to Captain Robert F. Samuelson, division commander of the Jamestown Police Department, graffiti cases in the city are rare, but have been an issue for the train station in the past.

Lee Harkness, general manager of the train station, described how recent renovations have cleaned up much of the graffiti that used to cover its walls, but the threat still looms.

“My concern is that we’re trying to keep the property looking really good,” Harkness said. “If we get graffiti put on there … it is really difficult to get it out of cinder block and stone and brick. You have to have someone come with a power washer, so it is expensive.”

Harkness added that security cameras have been installed at the train station to identify future perpetrators. He plans to have this most recent graffiti removed in the next few months.