Lavish Lifestyle Sends Wrong Message

To The Reader’s Forum:

We should publicly thank the contributor to this column who in Friday, May 9, provided us with facts he researched on taxpayers cost of the Oval Office holidays. Thank you! You have raised a few questions in my mind.

I believe from his first trip to New York City with Michelle, to celebrate his election victory, Obama thought Air Force One was his personal taxi. No surprise, I believe the tab for his cab and attending crew runs a bit over $70,000 per hour!

Ironically, on Saturday, May 10 The Post-Journal’s lead headline was “War on Poverty.” Of 134,190 county residents 25,617 live in poverty which includes 31 percent of all children under 18 years of age. I immediately thought, wow, these stories deserve to be side-by-side on your front page! It would be much easier for most of us to try and justify Obama’s $15,885,585.30 African and Hawaii vacation (along with Michelle’s side trip during the 2013 G-8 conference) to Ireland. Only cost taxpayers $7,921,638.66 and she isn’t even Irish!

Recently our county legislators met in an attempt to soften one town’s financial tax increase burden. They succeeded with a total cost of only a couple hundred thousand dollars. Not even a “smidgen” of the cost of Obama’s sightseeing holidays. Imagine what programs those legislators could fund with the dollars spent on Obama’s trip to Africa? Today’s paper headlined one of our Congressmen had negotiated a $1.5 million order for one local manufacturer. Great work, only 14 to go before their effort equals the cost of his African vacation!

Obama and Joe Biden have served our country politically and have been well compensated by taxpayers. I’m sure they have each accumulated personal net worth which far exceeds the net worth of most of us. Again, provided by taxes. Yet, each of them profess to “feel our pain” and champion the oppressed middle class. They must be kidding, their ostentatious lifestyle and income makes me wonder if they really have a clue as to how their constituents face each day. Perhaps having helped establish our current entitlement society the holiday is something owed them.

You have guessed I am frustrated. The present administration has addressed none of my questions. No one seems to want to question a single person … perhaps their inability to respond truthfully is part of my problem.

Still respectfully frustrated,

Leo A. Wilcox