Lakeside Communities Ask For Enhanced Summer Policing

MAYVILLE – Two lakeside communities asked to renew their summer police contracts at Wednesday night’s Public Safety Committee meeting.

Three resolutions on the committee’s agenda involved agreements for enhanced police services with the villages of Mayville and Bemus Point, plus Chautauqua Lake Central School.

Chautauqua County Sheriff Joe Gerace said the contract with Bemus Point, at a cost not to exceed $6,600, is a summer-based agreement and has been in place for years.

The same goes for Mayville, for the same period of time – June 22 to Sept. 2 – except the village will pay $10,000 to the county.

Chautauqua Lake Central School will pay $2,500 for sheriffs as needed for sporting and social events.

The hourly rate for all three contracts breaks down to $27.28 an hour per deputy.

In other matters, a resolution was presented to accept insurance funds from a police vehicle destroyed in a February crash on Route 5. An amount of $31,133 was recovered due to the accident, which Gerace said projected the patrol car into traffic in a multi-vehicle pileup.

The deputy involved in the crash has yet to return to work.

Lastly, an emergency resolution will be presented to the full legislature at next week’s meeting to accept grant funding for the Public Defender’s Office.

Both grants were awarded by Indigent Legal Services.

The first, an amount of $269,919, is a three-year grant already in motion, split up into three yearly segments. As the fiscal year draws to a close, the legislature must formally accept the upcoming fiscal year amount of $89,973, which will help pay for space being rented by the Public Defender’s Office at the Chautauqua Municipal Building at a rate of $700 per month.

The second grant award is $299,528, and will be used to hire an investigator and assistant public defender. Also, the funds will be used to purchase equipment and technology.

The grant will be spread out over the course of three years, at $99,843 per year.

Janet Keefe, D-Fredonia, was absent from the meeting.

All resolutions must be approved by the full legislature, which will meet on Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. in the legislative chambers of the Gerace Office Building in Mayville.