Frewsburg Voters Approve Budget

FREWSBURG – Voters approved the Frewsburg Central School District’s budget Tuesday night.

The Frewsburg total budget of $15,834,605 – $328,326 more than last year – was approved by a vote of 165 to 94. The amount to be raised through taxes will be $5,081,905, or 2 percent. Thomas Fenton and Jason Ruhlman were elected to the school board with 194 and 197 votes, respectively.

In other news, at the school board meeting Tuesday night, the board created a new student fund under the student council for the Frewsburg Central School Backpack Kids program. The board wanted the students to be involved in the initiative and felt by putting it under the control of the student council was the best way to do so. Tim Hortons donated 13 backpacks and $1,700 has been raised so far.

The school approved up to six summer youth workers with a salary of $8 per hour, effective July 1 for eight weeks at 30 hours per week, and up to four summer youth workers with a salary of $8 per hour, effective July 1 not to exceed four weeks at 30 hours per week. The four extra workers will be used to prepare classrooms for renovation.

There was also discussion about encouraging alumni students to take over the vacant AV Tech position.

Frewsburg Area Youth Soccer was authorized to place a port-a-potty at the soccer fields located at the elementary school complex for the month of June to accommodate players, coaches and parents at no cost to the district. The Frewsburg Central School baseball coaching staff and players were also authorized to host a Youth Baseball Camp at Frewsburg Central School from June 30 to July 3.

Jerome Lee Yaw, business manager, was authorized to obtain a lease with Auto Rent not to exceed $2,250 for the use of one vehicle for the 2014 summer driver education program.

The board approved the policies of the “Prohibition of Weapons of School Grounds” and “Weapons in School and the Gun-Free Schools Act.” They said each time a gun or a weapon is on school grounds, the police are contacted to see if it is a violation of the policy or breaking the law.