Dragons Hold Off Cardinals In Boys Track, 71-70

Led by Mitch Sandberg and Corey Wefing, host Maple Grove (6-0, 10-0) ended a 12-year drought against Randolph in boys track and nailed down an undefeated Division 3 championship on Tuesday afternoon.

Sandberg and Wefing divided six of the 10 wins recorded by the Red Dragons as they held on for a 71-70 victory over previously undefeated Randolph (5-1, 9-1).

”The meet was one for the ages with several good times and many close races,” said Maple Grove coach Bob Goold. ”It was your typical Maple Grove and Randolph rivalry.”

Sandberg took the 110 hurdles (17), the triple jump (38-2) and the long jump (19-0), while Wefing won the 800 (2:00.3), 1,600 (4:20.9) and the 3,200 (10:22) for the Red Dragons.

In every win for Wefing he was presssed by Zach Jackson of Randolph, who finished second in each race.

3,200 relay: Maple Grove (Ben Soffel, Nick Brooker, Brad Bihler, Frank Zuroski). T – 8:42.4.

110 h: Mitch Sandberg (MG), T. J. Bihler (MG). Jakubczak (R). T – 17.

100: Ryan Braund (MG), Micah Kehoe (R), Nathan Saar (MG). T – 11.6.

1,600: Corey Wefing (MG), Zach Jackson (R), Skyler Schapp (R). T – 4:20.9.

400 relay: Randolph (Alex Shipherd, Kehoe, Faust, Miller). T – 47.

400: Shipherd (R), Jackson (R), Saar (MG). T – 54.8.

400 h: T. J. Bihler (MG), Jackson (MG), Keenan Smith (MG). T – 1:03.4.

800: Wefing (MG), Jackson (R), Brad Bihler (MG). T – 2:00.3.

200: Kehoe (R), Braund (MG), Saar (MG). T – 24.

3,200: Wefing (MG), Jackson (R), Zuroski (MG). T – 10:22.

Shotput: Mike Bowers (R), Oldro (R), Sandberg (MG). D – 43-9.

Triple jump: Sandberg (MG), Jackson (R), Chris Doubek (R). D – 38-2.

High jump: Howie Nolan (MG), Randolph, Wefing (MG), H – 5-8.

Discus: Cody Oldro (R), Bowers (R), H. Nolan (MG), D – 133.

Pole vault: Doubek (R), Brad Benson (MG), Sluga (R), H – 12.

1,600 relay: Randolph (Lindquist, Shipherd, Miller, Kehoe). T – 3:44.9.

Long jump: Sandberg (MG), Taylor Miller (R), Doubek (R), D – 19.



MAYVILLE – Chautauqua Lake claimed a 98-42 win over Westfield.

Rylan Logan tripled in the 100 meters (11.9), high jump (4-6) and the 200 (24.5) for the Thunderbirds while Max Logan took home the shot put (35-7) and the discus (104-5).

For Westfield Chris Cockram claimed the 400 hurdles (1:06.6), long jump (18-6), and the triple jump (38-18).

3200 Relay: CL (M. Parker, F. Hunter, T. Howard, C. Davidson). T- 9:44.7

110 Hurdles: Albert Firster (CL), Dan McMurray (W), B. Gatto (W). T- 19.0

100m: Ryan Logan (CL), Chris Cockram (W), M. Logan (W). T- 11.9

1600m: Joey Ludovicy (CL), Dylan Strain (W), Gross. T- 5:39.6

400 Relay: CL (Einfeldt, M. Logan, Firster, R. Logan). T- 48.3

400: Einfeldt (CL), Hunter (CL), Walsh (CL). T- 56.7

400 Hurdles: Cockram (W), Firster (CL), Parker (CL). T- 1:06.6

800m: Davidson (CL), McMurray (W), Bates (W). T- 2:19.0

200m: R. Logan (CL), Einfeldt (CL), Catalono. T- 24.5

3200m: McMurray (W), Ludovicy (CL), Janicki. T- 12.27.2

1600m Relay: CL (Kucharski, Fisher, Walsh Einfeldt). T- 4:08.2

High Jump: R. Logan (CL), Fisher (CL), Howard (CL). H: 4-6

Long Jump: Cockram (W), Davidson (CL), Gleason (CL). D: 18-6

Triple Jump: Cockram (W), Davidson (CL), Gleason (CL). D: 38-18

Shot Put: M. Logan (CL), Gray (W), Bradford (CL). D: 35-7

Discus: M. Logan (CL), Hanes, Grady (W). D: 104-5

Pole Vault: Howard (CL) Hunter (CL), Janicki (CL). H: 11-6.




MAYVILLE – Rachael Fortney and Calista Smith were double winners as Chautauqua Lake won for the first time this season.

Fortney was victorious in the pole vault and long jump while Smith captured the shot put and the discus as Chautauqua Lake prevailed over Westfield, 78-59.

Maddi Knapp was a triple winner for Westfield by capturing the 100, the 200 and the 400.

3,200 relay: Westfield (Names Unavailable). T – 11:32.1.

400 h: Alyssa Snyder (CL), Liz Francha (W), Shannon McKee (CL). T – 20.2.

100: Maddi Knapp (W), Courtney Zentz (CL), Sara Russin (CL). T – 13.5.

1,500: Sydney Alday (W), Anna Sena (CL), Westfield. T – 5:47.8.

400 relay: Chautauqua Lake (Rachael Fortney, Abbi Baker, Russin, Zentz). T – 55.

400: Knapp (W), Westfield, Baker (CL). T – 1:05.5.

400 h: Mollie Laurie (W), Westfield, Snyder (CL). T – 1:12.7.

800: Westfield, Sena (CL), Sydney Lachaczyk (CL). T – 2:37.1.

200: Knapp (W), Zentz (CL), Emma Fermier (W). T – 27.7.

3,000: Grace Bodemiller (W), Erica Vickary (W), Kirsten Elliott (CL). T – 13:02.4.

3.200 relay: Chautauqua Lake (Russin, Mackenzie Hartung, Sena, Kori Erickson). T -4:50.8.

Long jump: Zentz (CL), Fortney (CL), Clara Hinman (CL). D – 29-10.

Shotput: Calista Smith (CL), Jenna Einink (CL), Jesse Zenns (CL). D – 26-10.

Discus: Smith (CL), Zenns (CL), Laurie (W). D – 75-5.

High jump: Lachaczyk (CL), Westfield, Einink (CL). D – 4-4.

Pole vault: Fortney (CL). H – 6-0.



Host Maple Grove claimed victory over Randolph, 78-63, aided by Christina Walter, who won the 100 (12.8) and the 200 (2:22.1).

McKenna Maycock took home the 400 (1:01.8) and the high jump (5-0) for Randolph. Also doubling for Randolph were Taryn Dechow in the 100 hurdles (19.5) and the 400 hurdles (1:18.6) and Mckenzie Evans in the long jump (15-3) and the triple jump (33-3).

3200 Relay: MG (Gracie Auer, Hope Pietrocarlo, Taylor Norris, Caroline Benson). T- 11:43.5

100m Hurdles: T. Dechow (R), Sam Mason (MG), K. Walters (R). T- 19.5

100m: Christina Walter (MG), Chloe Kibbe (MG), Dana Jones (MG). T- 12.8

1500m: Pietrocarlo (MG), Norris (MG), Auer (MG). T- 5:18.9

400 Relay: MG (Adri Carlson, Kibbe, Jones, Walter). T- 55.1

400m: Mckenna Maycock (R), Ally Saar (MG), Benson (MG). T- 1:01.8

400 Hurdles: Dechow (R), Walters (R), Tori Lai (MG). T- 1:18.6

800m: Maycock (R), Pietrocarlo (MG), Benson (MG). T- 2:22.1

200m: Walter (MG), M. Evans (R), Kibbe (MG). T- 2:22.1

3000m: Norris (MG), Auer (MG), E. Carnahan (R). T- 11:37.3

Discus: Nicole Hemminger (MG), T. Keyes (R), Lauren Franczak (MG). D: 73-6

Shot Put: Keyes (R), Hemminger (MG), L. Chase (R). D: 30-6

Long Jump: M. Evans (R), Katie Braund (MG), Caroline Franczak (MG). D: 15-3

Pole Vault: B. McDonald (R), Emily Swanson (MG), H. Lienhart (R).

High Jump: Maycock (R), Emma Franczak (MG), Swanson (MG). H: 5-0

Triple Jump: Evans (R), Adri Carlson (MG), Katie Braund (MG). D: 33-3

1600 Relay: Randolph (Hinman, Lienhart, Evans, Maycock). T- 4:17.06