Busti Forms Capital Improvements Advisory Committee

BUSTI- The Busti Town Board established the Capital Improvements Advisory Committee at Monday’s board meeting.

The mission of the six-member committee will be to develop and consider available options for the use of the current town facilities, including: the Caprino Building, the Community Center at 9 W. Summit Ave., and the two offices at 125 Chautauqua Ave., all with a comparative cost-benefit analysis. The committee will meet, consult and advise with town board members Richard Thor and Todd Hanson on the progress.

“We have been out actively talking to a variety of people,” said David Bargar, Capital Improvements Advisory Committee member. “Our goal is to get a good mix of inside the village, outside the village – we’re actually looking for people who have a good, independent mind and no ax to grind. To look at this as an opportunity to be good listeners, to take good notes, to get educated, to hear what the town board has done before, specifically with building facilities as well as people at the state level and other citizens.”

Thor said he was impressed by the committee’s aggressive approach, even though things are still tentative at this time.

Kay Smith, Craig Seger, Jim Rovegno, William A. Evans III, Bargar and Cheryl Johnson were all appointed to the committee.

The meetings, date and time to be determined, will be open to the public and consistent with the New York State Open Meetings Law.