Taxing Decision

MAYVILLE – Much of Monday night’s Administrative Services Committee meeting consisted of discussion surrounding six parcels of county land in Gerry currently in foreclosure.

James Caflisch, director of the Office of Real Property Tax Services, attended the meeting and said county legislators have a decision to make.

After suffering a loss of $556,319.15 in outstanding taxes on the parcels, legislators must now decide whether to split and sell the properties, or sell them as one package.

The potential value of four of the combined parcels is in the range of $400,000-$600,000, while the other two contain older structures that will likely require rehabilitation, Caflisch said.

The former owner has offered $219,400.78 to reacquire four of the six parcels.

“If the county accepts the offer, it will likely recover far less than the total outstanding taxes of $556,319.15 on the six parcels combined,” Caflisch said. “It would be my recommendation that the committee reject at this time the offer of the former owner to reacquire only four of the six parcels. Instead, as recommended by auctioneer Howard & Associates, we would package all six for sale as a single auction item. Otherwise, the county could suffer a substantial loss.”

The resolution was approved by the committee, but requires full legislature approval.

In other matters, the committee went into closed session to discuss the divestment of Jamestown Community College’s property at 636 Winsor St., also known as the president’s residence. The property consists of an approximately 6,700 square foot house, which the college has determined is no longer useful.

Seeing as how the county is one of many capitally invested in the institution, legislature approval is needed to authorize JCC to effectuate the divestment of the property at a sales price estimated to be as low as $120,000, not including closing and other related costs.

The topic was not discussed after the committee meeting resumed.

Distribution of mortgage tax monies was briefly discussed.

A total amount of $545,907.42, must be distributed to the supervisors and treasurers of towns and tax districts throughout the county.

Jamestown will receive $69,546.07, while Dunkirk is set to receive $28,470.07.

All resolutions will be voted on by the full County Legislature on May 28 at 6:30 p.m. in the legislative chambers of the Gerace Office Building in Mayville.