Enlow Captures McGarvie Memorial At Eriez Speedway

By Jay Pees

HAMMETT, Pa. – Eriez Speedway remembered Dan McGarvie Sunday night with its annual memorial to the well-liked driver who passed away of heart failure during the opening night Challenger Mini Stock feature in 2007.

Thirty-one Challengers signed into the pits with 24 starting the 15-lap event. The field was set through three heat races and a “Last Chance” B-Main. When the green fell pandemonium struck after only one lap as Jesse Phelps barrel-rolled down the front straight. He was not hurt and the event was restarted from lap one.

Stephen Enlow went on to win the race after early leader Matt Bryant had mechanical problems and spun from contention.

The Super Late Models feature saw former champion Mike Knight avenge his disappointment from opening night with a convincing win over Darrell Bossard and Rob Blair. Max Blair now has two wins in two starts in the Crate Late Model Division, defeating Bobby Rohrer after a battle for the lead that had the crowd on it’s feet. Former champion Joel Watson had the field covered, taking the lead at lap two and never looking back, staving off a challenge from former champion Dave Hess.

Nate Short won the Limited Late Model feature after a constant challenge from Dan Maxim. Brandon Groters triumphed in his feature race over former opening night winner Chris Withers.

Super Late Models

Heat 1: Rob Blair, Andy Boozel, Mike Knight, Chris Hackett, John Volpe, Doug Eck, Scott Gurdak

Heat 2: Dutch Davies, Greg Oakes, Ryan Scott, Wally Fox, Chris Peterson, Max Blair

Heat 3: Dave Hess, Rich Gardner, Darrell Bossard, Bob Dorman, Matt Urban, Michael Oakes

Burger King of the Hill: Rob Blair, Mike Knight

Feature: Mike Knight, Darrell Bossard, Rob Blair, Greg Oakes, Andy Boozel, Dave Hess, Ryan Scott, Rich Gardner, John Volpe, Chris Hackett, Matt Urban, Scott Gurdak, Doug Eck, Wally Fox, Chris Peterson, Michael Oakes, Bob Dorman, Dutch Davies, Max Blair (DNS)

FASTRAK Crate Late Models

Heat 1: Darrell Bossard, Max Blair, Mark Tatalovic, Mike Mitchell, Jason Genco, Jamie Brown, Dave Lyon, Khole Wanzer

Heat 2: Kyle Zimmerman, Scott Gurdak, Chad Wright, Matt Latta, Wyatt Scott, Mike Knight, Breyton Santee, Eric Andrus

Heat 3: Bobby Rohrer, Wendell Pinckney, Dennis Lunger, Matt Harvey, Mike Lozowski, Bruce Hordusky, Chad Schauers

Feature: Max Blair, Bobby Rohrer, Matt Latta, Darrell Bossard, Kyle Zimmerman, Jason Genco, Mike Knight, Scott Gurdak, Chad Wright, Breyton Santee, Dave Lyon, Mike Lozowski, Matt Harvey, Wyatt Scott, Eric Andrus, Mark Tatalovic, Wendell Pinckney, Khole Wanzer, Mike Mitchell, Jamie Brown, Chad Schauers, Dennis Lunger, Bruce Hordusky


Heat 1Joel Watson, Gary Eicher, Shane Crotty, Russ Dunn, Chad Carlson, Steve Sornberger, Steve Simon

Heat 2: Rich Michael, Steve Dixon, John Boardman, Mike McGee, Mike Smith, Justin Carlson, Kurt Thorpe

Heat 3: John Boyd, Dave Hess, Greg Johnson, Dan Davies, Butch Southwell, Eric Reinwald

Feature: Joel Watson, Dave Hess, Gary Eicher, John Boyd, John Boardman, Justin Carlson, Dan Davies, Russ Dunn, Justin Carlson, Chad Carlson, Steve Dixon, Steve Simon, Steve Sornberger, Eric Reinwald, Kurt Thorpe, Greg Johnson, Mike McGee, Shane Crotty, Rich Michael, Mike Smith

Limited Late Models

Heat 1: Dan Maxim, Nate Short, Pat McGuire, Ryan Scott, John Cline Jr, John Cline Sr, Mark Frontera, Kelly Frederes, Chris McGuire, Chris Ottaway

Feature: Nate Short, Dan Maxim, Ryan Scott, Kelly Frederes, Pat McGuire, John Cline Jr, Mark Frontera, John Cline Sr, Chris McGuire, Chris Ottaway (DNS)

Street Stocks

Heat 1: Chris Withers, Carl Marcy, Gary Fisher, Art Edwards, Ron Boardman, Elaine Best, Tyler Lyngarkos, Cody Bliss

Heat 2: Jimmy Kennerknecht, Mark Thompson, Pat Fielding, John Phelps, Guy Adams, Eric Paulus, Wade Watson, Don McGuire

Heat 3: Brandon Groters, Jeremy Williams, Rob Bates, Ken Lamp, Jesse Brock, Stan Davis, Eric Harvey, Ron Johnson

Feature: Brandon Groters, Chris Withers, Jimmy Kennerknecht, Mark Thompson, John Phelps, Jeremy Williams, Gary Fisher, Don McGuire, Carl Marcy, Rob Bates, Eric Harvey, Art Edwards, Jesse Brock, Cody Bliss, Guy Adams, Ron Boardman, Tyler Lyngarkos, Kenny Lamp, Stan Davis, Elaine Best, Eric Paulus, Ron Johnson, Wade Watson, Pat Fielding


Heat 1: Matt Bryant, Casey Burch, Gary Olson, Jason Brightman, Tim Brightman, Jesse Phelps, Todd Hanlon, David Scriven, Jonathan Pratt, Pat Mitchell, Skip Jackson

Heat 2: Tom Cupp, Andy Proper, Joe Beach, Ryan White, ? Buchanan, Steve Morse, Kelsey Parker, Robert Johnston, Davey Lowe, Leo Hanlon, Dennis Wisniewski

Heat 3: Stephen Enlow, Travis Darling, Justin Boardman, Steve Morse, Tim McCallahan, Wes Stull, Roger Hall, Drew Panko, Mike Rotunda, Tim Fisher

B-main: Drew Panko, Skip Jackson, David Scriven, Mike Rotunda, Tim Fisher, Jonathan Pratt (Robert Johnston, Davey Lowe, Leo Hanlon, Pat Mitchell, and Dennis Wisniewski did not start)

Feature: Stephen Enlow, Jason Brightman, Justin Boardman, Steve Morse, Tim McClanahan, Andy Proper, Travis Darling, Tim Brightman, Roger Hall, Ryan White, Drew Panko, Kelsey Parker, Matt Wyatt, Wes Stull, Tom Cupp, Casey Burch, Joe Beach, Skip Jackson, David Scriven, Gary Olson, ? Buchanan, Jesse Phelps, Todd Hanlon, Matt Marcy (DNS)