Dustin, Johnson Lead Way In Falconer Win Over SWCS

Falconer topped Southwestern (3-3, 3-4), 83-58, in Division 1 boys track action on Monday.

Leading the Golden Falcons was double winner Cody Dustin, who took home the 100 (11.5) and 400 meters (54.1), and Dylan Johnson, who won the high jump (5-6) and the triple jump (37-1).

Jordan Powers was a triple winner in the loss as he took home the 110 hurdles (15.8), 400 hurdles (57.4), and 200 (23.2). Also for Southwestern, Ryan Hetrick claimed the 1600 (4:49.1) and the 3200 (11:03.2).

3200 Relay: Falconer (Cope Rissel, Walker Black, Jarret Pischera, Austin Ormond). T- 9:42.4

110 Hurdles: Jordan Powers (SW), Dylan Johnson (FAL), Drew Beckerink (FAL). T- 15.8

100m: Cody Dustin (FAL), Arturo Vargas (SW), Evan Butts (FAL). T- 11.5

1600m: Ryan Hetrick (SW), Ormond (FAL), Trystan Lee (FAL). T- 4:49.1

400 Relay: Falconer (C. Dustin, Jacob Thorp, R. Dustin, Evan Butts). T- 48.6

400m: C. Dustin (FAL), Vargas (SW), Thorp (FAL). T- 54.1

400 Hurdles: Powers (SW), Johnson (FAL), Beckerink (FAL). T- 57.4

800m: Ormond (FAL), Hetrick (SW), Pischera (FAL). T- 2:09.9

200m: Powers (SW), C. Dustin (FAL), Butts (FAL). T- 23.2

3200m: Hetrick (SW), G. Hoose (SW), Pischera (FAL). T- 11:03.2

1600 Relay: Falconer (Thorp, Butts, R. Dustin, Pischera). T- 3:51.4

Long Jump: Jackson Teboe (FAL), Tavon Fisher (FAL), Nate Mogenhan (SW). D: 17-2

Triple Jump: Johnson (FAL), Beckerink (FAL), Fischer (FAL). D: 37-1

High Jump: Johnson (FAL), Beckerink (FAL), Powers (SW). H: 5-6

Shot Put: Howard Boutelle (SW), Brandon Hines (SW), Ben Swanson (SW). D: 42-2

Discus: Mike Earl (FAL), Swanson (SW), Boutelle (SW). D: 128-11

Pole Vault: Matt Southwick (SW), R. Dustin (FAL), Mitchell Johnson (SW). H: 9-6


CLYMER -The combined Clymer-Sherman-Panama boys track team (3-2, 8-2) picked up an 89-51 victory over Frewsburg in a non-league meet.

Greg Delahoy was a triple winner for CSP, taking first place in the 110 hurdles (18.3), the 400 hurdles (1:10.3) and the long jump (17-10). His teammate, Josh O’Dell, doubled in the 1,600 meters (4:41.6) and the 3,200 meters (10:32.).

For Frewsburg, Josh Peterson was a double winner in the 400 meters (55.1) and the 200 meters (25.4) and Josh Nelson doubled in the high jump (5-8) and the triple jump (35-11).

3,200 relay: Clymer/Sherman/Panama. T – 10:18.8

110 hurdles: Greg Delahoy (CSP), David Gregory (F). T – 18.3

100: Lander Clark (F), Stephen Svetz (CSP), Brady Collver (F). T – 12.3

1,600: Josh O’Dell (CSP), Henry Sullivan (CSP), Drew Pownall (F). T – 4:41.6

400 relay: CSP. T – 48.1

400: Josh Peterson (F), Clay Manwaring (CSP), Cordell Nichols (CSP). T – 55.1

400 hurdles: Delahoy (CSP), O’Dell (CSP), Devyn Chase (CSP). T – 1:10.3

800: Ryan Carpenter (CSP), Sullivan (CSP), Lester (CSP). T – 2:09.5

200: Peterson (F), Manwaring (CSP), Svetz (CSP). T – 25.4

3,200: O’Dell (CSP), Wyatt Johnson (CSP), Chase (CSP). T – 10:32.4

1,600 relay: CSP. T – 4:20.5

High jump: Josh Nelson (F), Trevor Gleason (CSP), RJ Grover (CSP). H – 5-8

Long jump: Delahoy (CSP), Josh Nelson (F), Collver (F). D – 17-10

Triple jump: Nelson (F), Dan Reinago (F), Nick Fardink (CSP). D – 35-11

Pole vault: no information

Shot put: Tom Lee (CSP), Brandon Metzer (CSP), Jared Sanfilippo (F). D -39-6

Discus: Jared Hester (CSP), Colin Anderson (F), Sanfilippo (F). D – 113-2.


SINCLAIRVILLE – Cassadaga Valley (0-5) hosted Portville and Allegany-Limestone in a Division 2 meet and A-L topped the Cougars, 111-11, and Portville also defeated Cassadaga Valley, 128-11.

110 hurdles: Sweatland (P), Kayes (AL), Caya (P). T – 16.0

100: Caya (P), Yonkers (AL), Jeremy Warsitz (CV). T – 11.7

1,600: Easton (AL), Harris (P), Dorner (AL). T – 5:34.1

400: Mason (AL), Barber (AL), Martin (P). T – 52.3

Long jump: Gayton (P), Martin (P), Waugh (P). D – 17-5

400 hurdles: Sweatland (P), Rockwood (P), Carlson (P). T – 1:01.3

High jump: Waugh (P), Reisman (P), Mason (AL). H – 5-6

800: Lindquist (AL), Ehiman (P), Donner (AL). T – 2:23.5

200: Caya (P), Morris (AL), North (P). T – 24.1

Triple jump: Hilyer (P), Freeborn (P), Gayton (P). D – 41-1

3,200: Easton (AL), Monahan (P), Hunter Thorpe (CV). T – 12:16.1

Discus: Greco (AL), Hams (AL), Lippert (AL). D – 141-5

Shot put: Greco (AL), Harris (AL), Lippert (AL). D – 51-0

Pole vault: Sweatland (P), Lindquist (AL), Carlson (P). H – 9-6

400 relay: Portville. T – 46.9

1,600 relay: Portville. T – 3:49.5

3,200 relay: Allegany-Limestone. T – 9:24.5


CATTARAUGUS – Cattaraugus took on Franklinville in a non-league meet.

4 X 800 Relay: CLV (Hunter Phinney, Matt Gostomski, Matt Reynolds, Evan Stern). T-9:17.0

110 Hurdles: John Willey (F), Bellomo (F), Martin (CLV). T-17.6

100 Meters: Jamie Greiner (F), Reynolds (CLV), Reyes (F). T- 11.9

1600 Meters: Matt Bacher (F), Phinney (CLV), Paddock (F). T- 4:45.6

4 X 100 Relay: Frank. (Greiner, Kopp, Swanick, Reyes). T-48.1

400 Meters: Miguel Reyes (F), Haley (F), Gostomski (CLV). T- 57.1

400 Hurdles: Willey (F), Martin (CLV), Grey (CLV). T- 1:02.5

800 Meter: Bacher (F), Haley (F), Reynolds (CLV). T- 2:07.7

200 Meters: Nate Reynolds (CLV), Delity (F), Swanick (F). T- 24.7

3200 Meters: Hunter Phinney (CLV) Bacher (F), Geist (CLV). T- 10:42.6,

4 X 400 Relay: CLV (Reynolds, Grey, Stern, Morton). T-3:53.8

High Jump: Dillon Pixley(F), Sexton (F), Kopp (F). H- 5-8

Long Jump: Willey (F), Bernardi (CLV), Taapken (CLV). D- 5-8.

Triple Jump: Caleb Hibit (CLV)Willey (F), Blank (F). D- 39-4

Pole Vault: Kyle Morton (CLV)Conroy (F), Kozak (F). – 10-6

Shot Put: Cole Moore (CLV), Lewis (F), Belzile (CLV). D- 35-5

Discus: Jamie Belzile (CLV), Moore (CLV), Lewis (F). D- 35-5