Southwestern Girls Clinch Division 1 Track Crown

The Southwestern girls track team claimed the Division 1 championship with a 94-46 win over Falconer on Monday.

The Lady Trojans are now 6-0 overall and 5-0 in the league, after taking 13 of 17 events against the Lady Golden Falcons.

Brittany Feldman was a triple winner with wins in the 400 (1:00), 200 (26.5), and high jump (5-0).

Double winners were Katie Lawton of Southwestern in the 1500 (5:16) and 3000 (13:01), and Kelsey Powers in the 100 hurdles (17.5) and 400 hurdles (1:12).

3200 Relay: SW (Cassie Cramer, Jillie Lawton, Andrea O’Boyle, Katie Lawton). T- 12:40

100 Hurdles: Kelsey Powers (SW), Baileigh Carter (F), Lechandre Mix (F). T- 17.5

100m: Chantel Williams (F), McKenzie Wright (F), Heidi Mueller (SW). T- 13.0

1500m: K. Lawton (SW), J. Lawton (SW), Kirsten Holmberg (F). T- 5:16

400m Relay: SW (Misty Himes, Kelsey Powers, Nicole Cooper, Heidi Mueller). T- 52.2

400m: Brittany Feldman (SW), Nicole Cooper (SW), Holmberg (SW). T- 1:00

400 Hurdles: Powers (SW), Fancy Royle (SW). T- 1:12

800m: Cramer (SW), J. Lawton (SW), Jessica Schrader (SW). T- 2:41

200m: Feldman (SW), Mueller (SW), Diamond Fedrick (SW). T- 26.5

3000m: K. Lawton (SW), Andrea O’Boyle (SW), Chuinne Jimerson (F). T- 13:01

1600 Relay: SW (Cramer, Himes, Powers, Feldman). T- 5:10

Long Jump: Carter (F), Amber Micek (F), Lexy Alexander (F). D: 15 4

Triple Jump: Mackenzie Wright (F), Carter (F), Mueller (SW). D: 34-8

High Jump: Feldman (SW), Mix (F), Fedrick (SW). H: 5-0

Shot Put: Lucy Pannes (SW), Alyssa Brooks (F), Lelly Hoose (SW). D: 33-8

Discus: Alyssa Brooks (F), Hoose (SW), Pannes (SW). D: 111-9

Pole Vault: O’Boyle (SW), Andrea Volk (F), J. Lawton (SW). H: 7-0


CLYMER – Clymer-Sherman-Panama hosted Frewsburg on Monday in non-league girls track and came away with an 82-50 victory over the Bears.

For CSP, Shantel McCart doubled in the 100 meters (12.9) and the 200 meters (27.5).

Morgan Scarpino led the way for Frewsburg, picking up three wins in the 110 hurdles (17.1), the high jump (4-6) and the long jump (14-8).

3,200 relay: CSP. T – 10:50

100 hurdles: Morgan Scarpino (F), A. Jermain (F), L. Hartley (F). T – 17.1

100: Shantel McCart (CSP), K. Yuchnitz (CSP), J. Eckman (F). T – 12.9

1,500: Jurnee Hannold (CSP), A. White (CSP), K. White (CSP). T – 5:48.2

400 relay: CSP. T – 53.7

400: R.King (CSP), T. Alianell (F), H. Eliason (CSP). T – 1:03.9

400 hurdles: A. Jermain (F), S. Nickerson (CSP), L.Hartley (F). T – 1:15.2

800: Rebecca King (CSP), K. White (CSP), Olivia Sposato (F). T – 2:33.8

200: McCart (CSP), Beckwith (CSP), J. Eckman (F). T – 27.5

3,000: G. Dennis (CSP), K.White (CSP), E. Wade (CSP). T – 12:34.5

1,600 relay: CSP. 4:;56.7

High jump: Scarpino (F), A. Elderkin (F), Yuchnitz (CSP). H – 4-6

Long jump: Scarpino (F), Beckwith (CSP), Annis (F). D – 14-8

Triple jump: Ashley Beckwith (CSP), Scarpino (F), Walker (CSP). D – 31-9

Shot put: Maddie Whippo (F), J Schwab (CSP), M.Davis (F). D – 25-4

Discus: Whippo (F), Schwab (CSP), Davis (F). D -71-0.


SINCLAIRVILLE -Cassadaga Valley came out on the losing end in both matchups with Portville and Allegany-Limestone in a Division II girls dual track meet.

The Lady Panthers cruised to an 89-39 victory over the Lady Cougars and the Lady Gators came through with a 119-32 victory.

High jump: Cooper (AL), Doty (P), Hope Zielinski (CV). H – 4-4

100 hurdles: Cooper (AL), Krystalynn LeBarron (CV), Curren (P). T – 18.6

100: Wyant (P), Mason (P), CeCe Swan (CV). T – 13.7

1,500: Vaughn (AL), Pleakis (AL), Augustini (P). T – 5:13.6

400: Barton (AL), Ziaggi (P), Simmons (P). T – 1:04.9

400 hurdles: VanCuren (P), Keenan (AL), Martin (P). T – 1:22.7

800: Augustini (P), Cooper (AL), Lippert (AL). T – 2:58.1

200: Shaw (P), Wyant (P), Kellner (AL). T – 29.0

Triple jump: Edwards (P), Foster (AL), Doty (P). D – 28-6

3,000: Stangle (AL), Zimmer (AL), Morgan Perkins (CV). T – 12:00

Shot put: Amber Morrison (CV), Doty (P), Stayer (AL). D – 28-10

Discus: Green (AL), Morrison (CV), Stayer (AL). D – 83-0

Pole vault: Lippert (AL), Emley (P), Schefley (AL). H – 6-6

Long jump: Copper (AL), Zielinski (CV), Edwards (P). D – 13-10

400 relay: Portville. T – 55.5

1,600 relay: Portville. T – 4:27.4

3,200 relay: Allegany-Limestone. T – 11:03.3


CATTARAUGUS- Franklinville claimed a Division 3 victory on the road over host Cattaraugus Little-Valley, 93-48.

Cheyenne Staufenberger was a quadruple winner for the Panthers in the 100 hurdles (17.3), long jump (14-2), 400 hurdles (1:12.3), and long jump (14-2). Johanna Farrand tripled in the win by taking the 200 (28.6), 400 (1:08.0), and 3000 (12.27.6).

Anna O’Neal doubled in the pole vault (6-6) and shot put (33-5) for Franklinville.

3200 relay:CLV (Aspen Sykes, Emily Keating, Hailey Dunmire, Abby Gostomski). T- 11:49.4

100 hurdles: Cheyenne Staufenberger (F), Hannah Doro (F), Nicole Wise (F). T- 17.3

100m: Johanna Farrand (F), Emily Keating (CLV), Shannon Brown (F). T- 14.2

1500m: Aspen Sykes (CLV), Kelsey Brown (F), Claire Dowdall (CLV). T- 5:25.4

400 relay: F (Hannah Doro, Grace Caladori, Shannon Brown, Merissa Hamilton). T- 57.0

400m: Johanna Farrand (F), Abby Gostomski (CLV), Grace Caladori (F). T- 1:08.0

400 hurdles: Cheyenne Staufenberger (F), Aspen Sykes (CLV), Sheby Skinner (F). T- 1:12.3

800m: Katie Fascella (F), Emily Keating (CLV), Cortney Wright (F). T- 2:42.2

200m: Staufenberger (F), Maddie Machioni (CLV), Abby Gostomski (CLV). T- 28.6

3000m: Johanna Farrand (F), Shelby Skinner (F), Claire Dowdall (CLV). T- 12:27.6

1600 relay: F (Hannah Doro, Nicole Wise, Kate Frascella, Grace Caladori). T- 4:54.0

Long Jump:Staufenberger (F), Maddie Macchioni (CLV), Taylor Loop (CLV). D: 14-2

High Jump: Maddie Macchioni (CLV), Felicia Blair (CLV), Katrina Geleta (F). H: 4-6

Triple Jump: Hannah Doro (F), Nicole Wise (F), Jessica Ritchie (CLV). D: 32-3

Pole Vault: Anna O’Neal (F), Grace Caladori (F), Emily Keating (CLV). H: 6-6

Shot Put: Anna O’Neal (F), Merissa Hamilton (F), Jessica Pritchard (CLV). D: 33-5

Discus: Jessica Pritchard (CLV), Anna O’Neal (F), Madeline Olson (F): 69-10