Multi-Car Accident In City; Police Looking For Witnesses

At approximately 4:40 p.m. on Thursday, three vehicles were involved in an accident at the intersection of North Main Street and Fourth Street in Jamestown.

According to Jamestown Police Department officers at the scene, one of the cars involved ran a red light, causing the accident. Video from the YWCA building was inconclusive as to which vehicle caused the accident. The JPD is currently looking for witnesses.

A 2007 gold Toyota Sienna van that was traveling west on Fourth Street incurred front-end damage and a grey 2011 Subaru Legacy traveling north on North Main Street received damage to its right side. A white Dodge Ram stopped at the red light was struck when the Subaru spun from its collision with the van.

One passenger in the van was taken to WCA Hospital.

To contact the police department, call 483-7537.