Red Dragons Breeze To Track & Field Victories

Mitch Sandberg won four events for the third time this season as undefeated Maple Grove downed Cassadaga Valley, 130-10, in non-league track and field on Tuesday.

The meet was supposed to also include undefeated Randolph, but the Cardinals were unable to participate because of flooding in the Randolph area.

Randolph and Maple Grove will travel to Chautauqua Lake on Tuesday.

Sandberg placed first in the 110 high hurdles (16.6), the long jump (18-8), the triple jump (38-4) and the shotput (39-3) for the Red Dragons (5-0, 9-0).

Howie Nolan was a double winner in the high jump where he tied a school record of 6-2 set by John Papincak in 2005 and in the discus with a toss of 101-9.

Ryan Braund, Corey Wefing and Frank Zuroski were also double winners for the victors, who captured all the events.

Braund won the 100 (11.3) and the 200 (25.3) while Wefing took the 3,200 (10:29.2) and the 400 (52.3) for Maple Grove.

Meanwhile, Zuroski was first in the 1,500 (4:54.6) and the 800 (2:14.8) in the win.

3,200: Maple Grove (Collin Colburn, Nick Snyder, Jordan Harris, Brad Biehler). T – 10:49.

110 hh: Mitch Sandberg (MG), T. J. Bihler (MG), Cassadaga Valley. T – 16.6.

100: Ryan Braund (MG), Corey Wefing (MG), John Schauman (MG). T – 11.3.

1,500: Frank Zuroski (MG), Brad Soffel (MG), Nick Brooker (MG). T – 4:54.6.

400 relay: Maple Grove (Schauman, Pietrocarlo, Graham Soffel, Braund). T – 49.9.

400: Wefing (MG), Pietrocarlo (MG), Schauman (MG). T – 52.3.

400 h: T. J. Bihler (MG), Keenan Smith (MG). T – 1:04.1.

200: Braund (MG), Schauman (MG), Smith (MG). T – 25.3.

800: Zuroski (MG), Soffel (MG), Brooker (MG). T – 2:14.8.

3,200: Wefing (MG), Jason Johnson (MG), Cassadaga Valley. T – 10:29.2.

Long jump: Sandberg (MG), Howie Nolan (MG), Dustin Gragg (CV). H – 18-8.

Pole vault: Brad Benson (MG), B. Bihler (MG). H – 12.

1,600: Maple Grove (Pietrocarlo, T. J. Bihler, Braund, Smith). T – 4:04.

Triple jump: Sandberg (MG), T. J. Bihler (MG), Gragg (CV). D – 38-4.

High jump: H. Nolan (MG), Wefing (MG), Benson (MG). T – 6-2 (tied school record).

Shotput: Sandberg (MG), Myers (CV), Brody Nolan (MG), D – 39-3.

Discus: H. Nolan (MG), Myers (CV), B. Nolan (MG). D – 101-9.



SALAMANCA – Southwestern’s Jordan Powers and Ryan Hetrick came up with big performances as the Trojans (3-2, 3-3) posted an 85-56 victory over Salamanca.

Powers was a triple winner in the 100 hurdles (15.8), the 400 hurdles (57.8) and the pole vault (10-6), while Hetrick also picked up three victories in the 1,600 meters (5:03), the 800 meters (2:12.6) and the 3,200 meters (10:57.1).

In addition, John Martin was a double winner in the shot put (43-10) and the discus (131-10).

3,200 relay: Salamanca. T – 9:51.7

110 hurdles: Jordan Powers (SW), Inkago (SAL), Jordan Ball (SAL). T – 15.8

100: Logan John (SAL), Arturo Barkas (SW), Marcus Daprowski (SAL). T – 11.7

1,600: Ryan Hetrick (SW), Giuseppe Hoose (SW), Brian Harrison (SAL). T – 5:03.

400 relay: Southwestern. T – 48.5

400: Ford Reynolds (SAL), Vargus (SW), Brad Southwick (SW). T – 55.3

400 hurdles: Jordan Powers (SW), Joe Hinman (SAL), Ball (SAL). T – 57.8

800: Hetrick (SW), Tate Reynolds (SAL), Hoose (SW). T – 2:12.6

200: Southwick (SW), Reynolds (SAL), Grady Williams (SW). T – 25.4

3,200: Hetrick (SW), Hoose (SW), Logan Larson (SW). T – 10:57.1

1,600 relay: Salamanca. T – 3:47.7

Long jump: Ball (SAL), Jake Hammond (SW), J. Fish (SAL). D – 18-4

Triple jump: Seth Gibson (SW), Fish (SAL), Reynolds (SAL). D – 35-10

High jump: Jared Fish (SAL), Powers (SW), Reynolds (SAL). H – 5-9

Shot put: John Martin (SW), Howard Boutelle (SW), Brandon Himes (SW). D – 43-10.

Discus: Martin (SW), Ben Swanson (SW), C. Jimerson (SAL). D – 131-10

Pole vault: Powers (SW), J. Shoot (SAL), Mitchell Johnson (SW). H – 10-6.


OLEAN- The Olean boys picked up a 102-38 win over Fredonia.

Matt McCarthy was a double winner in the 100 (11.4) and 200 (23.5) for Fredonia and Matt Civilette was the champion in the long jump (20-0) and the triple jump (43-5).

For Olean, Ryan Phillips claimed the shot (39-2) as well as the discus (121-0), and Nick Chizewick took home the 110 hurdles (16.8) and the 400 hurdles (1:03.0)

100m: Matt McCarthy (F). T- 11.4

200m: McCarthy (F). T- 23.5

400m: David Reed (O). T- 56.6

800m: Lucas Mehmel (O). T- 2:08.3

1600m: Jake Cihak (O). T- 5:15.6

3200m: Tristen Snyder (O). T- 11:11.0

110 Hurdles: Nick Chizewick (O). T- 16.8

400 Hurdles: Chizewick (O). T- 1:03.0

400 Relay: Olean (Wofford, Ellis, Morgan, Plaud). T- 46.2

1600 Relay: Olean (Morgan, Reed Mehmel, Plaud). T- 3:45.9

3200 Relay: Olean (Cihak, Gayton, Young, Snyder). T- 9:29.3

Shot Put: Ryan Phillips (O). D: 39-2

Discus: Phillips (O). D: 121-0

Long Jump: Matt Civilette (F). D: 20-0

Triple Jump: Civilette (F). D: 43-5

High Jump: Anthony Morgan (O). H: 5-4

Pole Vault: Jorden Barr (O). H: 10-0



CLYMER – A sweep in the shotput put Clymer-Sherman-Panama ahead for good en route to 71-69 victory over Chautauqua Lake .

Brandon Metzer won the shot (39-9) followed by teammates Tom Lee and Jared Heiser in a 9-0 Clymer sweep that gave the Pirates a 67-64 lead.

Heiser gave the hosts another four points while placing second in the discus.

Carter Davidson claimed the long jump (16-6) and triple jump (37-10) and Chautauqua Lake teammate Rylan Logan took the 100 (11,9) and 200 (25,1).

Josh Odell of CSP doubled in the 3,200 (10:42) and 400 hurdles (106.3).

3,200: CSP (Henry Sullivan, Ryan Carpenter, Jacob Lester, Josh Odell). T – 8:54.

110 hh: Albert Firster (CL), Greg Delahoy (CSP), Nick Fardink (CSP). T – 18.5.

100: Rylan Logan (CL), Max Logan (CL), Joseph Dombek (CL), T – 11.9.

400: Ryan Carpenter (CSP), William Scarem (CSP), Lester (CSP). T -5:22.6.

400 h: Odell (CSP), Firster (CL), Michael Parker (CL). T – 106.3.

800: Sullivan (CSP), Carter Davidson (CL), Carpenter (CSP). T – 2:08.5.

200: Logan (CL), Garrett Einfeldt (CL), Clay Manwaring (CSP). T – 25.1.

3,200: Odell (CSP), Devyn Chase (CSP), Wyatt Johnson (CSP). T – 10:42.

1,600: CSP (Stephen Svetz, B. J. Grover, Manwaring, Sullivan). T – 3:46.7.

High jump: Grover (CSP), Trent Howard (CL), Jacob Fisher (CL). D – 5-8.

Long jump: Davidson (CL), Delahoy (C), Josh Bradford (CL). D – 16-6.

Triple jump: Davidson (CL), Howard (CL), Fardink (CSP). D – 37-10.

Pole vault: Howard (CL), Josh Jonicki (CL), H – Not Available.

Shotput: Brandon Metzer (CSP), Tom Lee (CSP), Jared Heiser (CSP). D – 39-9.

Discus: Logan (CL), Heiser (CSP), Tom Hoch (CSP), T – 114-11.




ELLERY- Maple Grove posted a 115-27 win over Cassadaga Valley as Hope Pietrocarlo took home the 1,500 (5:21) and 800 (2:45), and Christina Walter claimed the 100 (13.0) and the 200 (28.2).

For Cassadaga Valley Amber Morrison was victorious in the shot (29-0) and the discus (76-1).

3200 Relay: MG (Hope Pietrocarlo, Taylor Norris, Gracie Auer, Caroline Benson). T- 11:37

100 Hurdles: Krystalynn Lebarron (CV), Tori Lai (MG), Sam Mason (MG). T- 19.9

100m: Christina Walter (MG), Chloe Kibbe (MG), Dana Jones (MG). T- 13.0

1500m: Pietrocarlo (MG), Kristen Kelemen (MG), Bryn Mozzi (MG). T- 5:21

400 Relay: MG (Adri Carlson, Chloe Kibbe, Dana Jones, Walter).

400m: Kibbe (MG), Brittany Johnston (CV), Kaylee Volpe (MG). T- 1:07

400 Hurdles: Susan Bowers (MG), Lauren Nelson (MG), Jessica Chriest (MG).

800m: Pietrocarlo (MG), Cece Swan (CV), Kristen Kelemen (MG). T- 2:45

200m: Walter (MG), Kibbe (MG), Dana Jones (MG). T- 28.2

3000m: Auer (MG), Norris (MG), Benson (MG). T- 12:08

Discus: Amber Morrison (CV), Nicole Hemminger (MG), Lauren Franczak (MG). D: 76-1

Shot put: Morrison (CV), Hemminger (MG), Franczak (MG). D: 29

Long Jump: Hope Zielinski (CV), Katie Braund (MG), Caroline Franczak (MG).

Triple Jump: Adri Carlson (MG), Katie Braund (MG), Zielinski (CV). D: 30

High Jump: Emma Franczak, Emily Swanson (MG), Zielinski (CV). H: 4-6

Pole Vault: Sara Stawitzky (MG), Swanson (MG), Nocero (MG). H: 7



SALAMANCA – Brittany Feldman picked up a trio of victories for Southwestern as the Lady Trojans remained perfect in Division 1 at 5-0 and are 6-0 overall after topping Salamanca, 94-46.

Feldman was a winner in the 400 meters (1:00), the 200 meters (26.5) and the high jump (5-2).

3,200 relay: Southwestern. T – 11:47

100 hurdles: Chelsey Powers (SW) Callie James (SAL), Lesinski (SAL). T – 17.9

100: Heidi Mueller (SW), Hailie John (SAL), Misty Himes (SW). T – 13.3

1,500: Katie Lawton (SW), Jillie Lawton (SW), Maddie Turano (SAL). T – 5:34

400 relay: Southwestern. T – 53.5

400: Brittany Feldman (SW), Alyssa Coustenis (SAL), Nicole Cooper (SW). T – 1:00.

400 hurdles: Andy Hill (SAL), Kelsey Powers (SW), Lesinski (SAL). T – 1:10.

800: Cassie Cramer (SW), JLawton (SW), Nora Warrior (SAL). T – 2:41

200: Feldman (SW), John (SAL), Mueller (SW). T – 26.5

3,000: Katie Lawton (SW). Turano (SAL). T – 13:39

1,600 relay: Salamanca. T – 4:24

Long jump: Coustenis (SAL), Cooper (SW), Maddy Alexander (SW). D – 14-2

Triple jump: Learn (SAL), Mueller (SW), Zezina (SW). D – 29-6

High jump: Feldman (SW), Diamond Federick (SW), Emma Cocharski (SAL). H – 5-2

Shot put: Lucy Pannes (SW), Lelly Hoose (SW), Alexander (SW). D – 30-3

Discus: Hoose (SW), Pannes (SW), Shawna Rudny (SW). D -95-5

Pole vault: Learn (SAL), Andrea O’Boyle (SW), Coustenis (SAL). H – 8-6.



CLYMER – Shannel McCart was a triple winner and Ashley Beckwith won twice as Clymer-Sherman-Panama knocked off Chautauqua Lake, 94-43.

McCart was victorious in the 100 (12.9), the 400 (55.9) and the 200 (27.4) while Beckwith captured the long jump (14-3) and the triple jump (32-8) for the Lady Pirates.

3,200: Clymer (Eliason, Hannold, King, Michael). T -11:20.2

100 hh: C. Zentz (CL), A. Wall (C), A. Snyder (CL). T – 19.6.

100: Shantel McCart (C), Cydney Amoroso (C), Russin (CL). T – 32.9.

1,500: Grace Dennis (C), Katie Pacy (C), A, Sena (CL). T – 5:42.

1,600 relay: Clymer (McCart, Karianne Yuchnitz, Ashley Beckwith, Tiffani Walker). T – 55.9.

400: Brandy Rowe (C), K. Erickson (CL), Maddie Bestine (C). T – 1:13.8.

400 h: Samantha Nickerson (C), Lauren Michael (C), S. McKee (CL). T – 1:27.6.

800: Rebecca King (C), Katie Pacy (C), Sena (CL). T – 3:07.

200: McCart (C), Amoroso (C), J. Einink (C). T – 31.1.

3,000: Holly Eliason (J), Kati White (C), K. Elliott (CL). T – 14:42.

1,600: CSP (Katie Pacy, Samantha Nickerson, Jurnee Hannold, King). T – 4:33.8.

High jump: Walker (C), Einink (CL), A. Snyder (CL). D – 4-4.

Long jump: Beckwith (C), Fortney (CL), B. Yaw (C). T – 14-3.

Triple jump: Beckwith (C), Zentz (CL), Fortney (CL), D – 32-8.

Shot put: Einink (CL), C. S,mith (CL), Fortney (CL). D – 27-6.

Discus: Jenna Schwab (C), Smith (CL), J. Reslink (C). D – 64-9.



HAMBURG – The Jamestown track and field teams lost a pair of tough meets to Frontier. The Red Raiders dropped a 95-46 decision while the Lady Red Raiders fell 84-57.

Victories by Summer Haight, Megan Marsh, and all three relays could not match Frontier’s star power, led by Sydney Bova and quadruple winner McKyla Brooks.

Bova took home the 1,500 (5:12) and the 800 (2:31) while Brooks won the 100 (12.0), 200 (26.4), long jump (17-10), and triple jump (38-1).

Double-winner Mitchell Moore led the Jamestown boys, winning the 400 (51.9) and the 200 (22.2).


3200 Meter Relay: Jamestown (Megan Marsh, Adriana Roehmholdt, Jenna Silzle, Rachel Johnson). T-10:47.9

100 Hurdles: Summer Haight (J), Bridgette Orth (F), Melissa Morga (F). T-15.2

100 Meters: McKyla Brooks (F), Orianne Simon (J), Summer Haight (J). T-12.0

1500 Meters: Sydney Bova (F), Victoria Fadeler (F), Helen Gemberling (F). T-5:12.0

400 Meters: Megan Marsh (J), Petrik (F), Ross (F). T-1:03.6

400 Hurdles: Zylinski (F), Sobaczak (F), Horucy (F). T-1:15.0

800 Meters: Bova (F), Roehmholdt (J), Fiorella (F). T-2:31.0

200 Meters: Brooks (F), Simon (J), Taylor Brightman (J). T-26.4

3000 Meters: Fadeler (F), Gemberling (F), Johnson (J). T-12:14.3

1600 Meter Relay: Jamestown (Marsh, Silzle, Mikayla Capestrani, Roehmholdt). T-4:26.3

400 Meter Relay: Jamestown (Simon, Haight, Brightman, Rebecca Rew). T-54.2

Long Jump: Brooks (F), Capestrani (J), Erin Butman (J). D: 17-10

Triple Jump: Brooks (F), Ross (F), Rew (J). D: 38-1

High Jump: Amanda Crafts (F), Emily Schrader (F), Mary King (F). H: 4-8

Pole Vault: Haley Chizak (F), Capestrani (J), Bates (F). H: 10-3

Shot Put: Brenda (F), Becca (F), Buck (F). D: 37-6

Discus: Becca (F), Brenda (F), Olivia Reinhardt (J). D: 145-11


3200 Meter Relay: Jamestown (Mitchell Moore, Austen Johnson, Andre Johnson, Jonathan Healy). T-8:40.9

110 Hurdles: Benjamin Larson (J), Trevor Kock (F), Steven Nowell (J). T-15.7

100 Meters: Adrian Cannon (F), Devon Hall (F), Kevin Tapia (J). T-10.8

1600 Meters: Matt McCann (F), Zachery Barnes (J), Dan Collo (F). T-4:53.0

400 Meters: Moore (J), Griffin Fitzpatrick (F), Colton Agro (F). T-51.9

400 Hurdles: Markus Diehl (F), Austen Johnson (J), Trevor Kock (F). T-59.6

800 Meters: McCann (F), Andre Johnson (J), Dan Heavern (F). T-2:08.5

200 Meters: Moore (J), Cannon (F), Hall (F). T-22.2

3200 Meters: Collo (F), Heavern (F), Christian Edborg (J). T-10:47.0

1600 Meter Relay: Frontier (Cannon, Agro, Diehl, Fitzpatrick). T-3:30.3

400 Meter Relay: Jamestown (Tapia, Awsten Beaver, Kivanne Serrano, Larson). T-45.7

Long Jump: Diehl (F), Beaver (J), Kish (F). D: 19-1

Triple Jump: Privater (F), Cannon (F), Tariq Strudwick (J)D: 39-5

High Jump: Nowell (J), Kish (F), Fitzpatrick (F)H: 5-10

Pole Vault: Beaver (J), Koch (F), Fiutko (F). H: 13-0

Shot Put: Tyler Hochadu (F), Murray (F), Daryl Hunzinger (J). D: 43-1

Discus: Hunzinger (J), Hochadu (F), Warner (F). D: 126-1