Ellicott Forms Bike Trail Committee

ELLICOTT- Ellicott has formed a committee for its section of the proposed bicycle trail to be built in Busti and Ellicott.

Supervisor Cecil Miller III had met with a town of Busti councilman about the possibility of constructing a bicycle trail along the railroad tracks which run through Busti and Ellicott. Miller explained the proposed trail would start near Cummins Engine in Busti and extend to the Jamestown city line. He added that federal funding for the project might be available through the Transportation Alternative Program. He suggested that an inter-municipal committee be formed to look into the matter. The issue was tabled to see what Busti was going to do with the bike trail. Busti has since announced its support of the trail.

In other news, Ellicott will be calling residents on Yolande Avenue, south of Hunt Road, to see if they would be interested in municipal water. Due to the fact these residents would be benefiting from it, they will need to pay for it. An idea of the price will be given, and if a majority of the people are interested, the proposal will go ahead.

The town board is still waiting for pricing about the low water pressure on Westminster Drive. As for the road repair on Westminster Drive, that will be done once the weather improves.

Bids were accepted for the highway materials and services and the town board authorized a Bond Anticipation Note for a tractor for $54,680.