Dear Sports Editor:

I want to thank you for a recent column you did “Golfing with Parkinson’s Disease.” I am a Jamestown native that is now living in Solon Ohio, and was diagnosed with PD three years ago. My mother saw your article and sent it to me knowing that I am still playing golf.

It’s inspiring to know that there are others like me that love the sport and keep at it. It’s great exercise and just to get out and play gives me another reason to wake, smile and get ready for another day. I have found there are many aides for the person with disabilities to be able to help them and they help significantly in helping those with balance issues caused by diseases such as PD.

Please when you have contact with Mr. Waite, thank him for helping to promote golf as a therapy for the disease, and once again thank you for the article.

I encourage you to continue to promote this type of activity and even encourage other people that golf to encourage their assistance in getting people like myself involved in the sport.

Tim Klenck

Salon, Ohio