Cattaraugus County DPW Mulls Possible Change To Work Week

LITTLE VALLEY – Once the snow melts and the plow blades are removed form the large county dump trucks, is there really a need to have staff on schedule for five days a week?

That’s a question that the members of the public works committee has started to ponder.

A plan to move more than 90 county public works employees from five 8-hour days to four 10-hour days a week has started to receive some discussion, with Joseph Pillittere, county public works commissioner, saying the department could save as much as $82,000 per year for the county.

The plan, still in the discussion phase and by no means ready for action, according to county officials, would need to go to the members of the employee union for vote, as well as the supervisory union. Pillittere said the vote would have to make it through the supervisors before it could even be considered.

The new work week schedule would have staff working Monday through Thursday with on-call staffing for emergencies on Fridays, starting the day after Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Some consideration will have to go into the plan, however, with District 6 Legislator, James Snyder, Jr. (R-Cuba) offering insight into his company’s attempt at the 10-hour work day.

“We have noticed that the 10th hour seems to be very unproductive,” he said.

Discussion on the matter is expected to continue in coming committee meetings.