Ashville Business Offers Assistance With Social Media Marketing

ASHVILLE – In an age where consumers rely heavily on personal research and word-of-mouth referrals to obtain needed products and services, the Internet and more specifically the use of social media have become almost a necessity for small businesses to remain competitive.

Cheri Maytum-Krull, owner of Squirrel Hill Consulting, a newly established company located in Ashville, feels that many local businesses are overwhelmed at the prospect of starting and operating social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and therefore miss out on opportunities to engage and educate the general public about what they have to offer.

“Small business owners are often either apprehensive about how to use social media, unaware of the ways that it can add to their current marketing schemes, or just too busy to bother with it.” Krull said. “Sometimes businesses start a Facebook page or Twitter account, but don’t keep it updated with current information, which can even lead prospective customers to think that a business is no longer operating. In an area that has so many seasonal establishments, it is not uncommon for a place to close down. Customers – especially vacationers – often use the Internet to maintain a connection to a destination or service and social media is the perfect forum for such an exchange.”

Squirrel Hill offers several levels of assistance to help small businesses create and/or maintain social media sites for their companies to help them build a following and engage clients. They have proven experience working with several established local businesses, including the Tanglewood Group, which consists of Tanglewood Manor, Memory Garden, Comfort Today and the Frewsburg Rest Home and Hospice Chautauqua County.

Other services provided by Squirrel Hill include content creation for marketing, newsletters and advertising materials, press releases, business correspondence and bookkeeping. Owner Cheri Maytum-Krull can be reached at 664-0780 for a free initial consultation.