Lutheran Honors Longtime Employees

Over 100 employees of Lutheran were honored at the 36th Annual Employee Recognition Banquet held at Moon Brook Country Club. Honorees had reached milestones ranging from two years of service to forty years. Members of the Lutheran board of directors and the management team attended, as well. Clark Poppleton, chairman of the board of directors, thanked the employees for their dedication and love for the people they serve.

“Tonight we gather to laugh, to enjoy a great meal and to celebrate with our friends and co-workers,” said Tom Holt, Lutheran president and CEO. “What we do is no simple task-and sometimes at our own emotional expense.

“We have developed lifelong friendships. Hardly a day goes by where there isn’t an example of a co-worker helping a co-worker, or a friend helping a friend.

“Lutheran is a very special place and this is a very special evening and I’m so glad to be part of it all.”

Four employees were honored and congratulated on their recent retirement: Janis Ippolito, Laurel Austin-Smith, Susan Brake and Shirley Lepsesty.

Others who had reached important milestones included: 40 Years; Debra Basile, 30 Years; Darlene Foster, 25 Years; Wendy Linamen and Marilyn Rhoney 20 Years; Cheryl Gerling, William Fiddmont, and Daphne McWhorter, 15 years; Janet Powell, Michele Farver, Susan Swanstrom, and Andrew Farrar, 10 Years; Katrina Jones, Julie Posego, Douglas Penhollow, Carla Brunco, Robert Gebhard, Freddie Holmes, Douglas Bailey, Nicole Scott, and Martha Paulson, Five years; Amanda Frye, Julie Kerr, Michelle Madison, Michael Dietrich, Jason Meabon, Angela Rounds, Kimberly Breneman, Sarah Nelson, Daniel Greene, Candice House, Breann Johnson, Desiree Mechling, Sarah Piluski, Daniel Rose, Nicole Abbey, Sue-Ann Holler, Marlene Sanders, Lynne Carlson, and Rosalie Zanghi, Two Years; Barbara Best, Simon Knepshield, Jodell Abrahamson, Nancy Beeler, Jasyn Consiglio, Nathan Fellows, Cassandra Heyl, Ryan Johnson, Holly Newton, Tony Roman, Amy McCloskey, DeAnn Shelters, Kelly Swanson, Barbara McCarthy, Jessica Trusso, Rebecca Wedgewood, Brooke Carnahan, Jennifer Meyers, Dawn Nelson, Catheleen Peterson, Candra Roach, Jennifer Trusso, Katherine Walrod, Nathan Gibson, Stefanie Howie, Brenda Hull, Kayla Johnson, Dillon Maczaczyj, Denton Egroff, Patricia Southwick, Stephanie Hetrick, Donna Bloomquist, Angelica Fulton, Danielle Kelly, Geraldine Kitts, Lindsey Lundberg, Charly Mullard, Steth Orlando, Joanne Spunaugle, and Erica Fies.

Lutheran is the go-to resource for senior services and for youth at risk. It is an innovative, dynamic agency serving healthy seniors, those in need of skilled nursing and rehabilitative services, youth at risk, and the developmentally disabled. With a team approach to providing multi-disciplinary care to its residents, Lutheran employs more than 600 dedicated staff members. Log on to to learn more.