Time To Pay The Till Right On Target

To The Reader’s Forum:

Sherry Piazza, you are right on target about reassessment letters on one’s property not only for Busti but also for the town of Ellicott, of which I am a senior citizen. How do you expect the young people to stay in the area when they are paying outrageous prices for rent or to buy a home when they can hardly pay the rent just to live in this area and raise a family. Also, the money they make is minimum. If you are lucky to pay the utilities, you have nothing left to pay the rest of the bills.

When my family was growing up, we lived from paycheck to paycheck. They believe in raising the minimum wages. Only the rich get richer and the poor, who cares. I have been a lifelong Democrat, but a very conservative one too and brought up to conserve on lights and utilities when possible. The other party promises something and doesn’t fulfill what they promise.

Phyllis Kron