Happy Mother’s Day, Ruth Stapleton

To The Reader’s Forum:

I’m not giving my mom flowers or candy this year. Instead, in her honor, I’m making a donation to Creche during this coming Mother’s Day weekend their first Tag Days of the year. I strongly believe in Creche’s mission of helping needy children in our local community; they have been doing so for 114 years! I’m also inviting all Creche members and community folks to consider honoring their moms this year in a special way by donating to Creche. I feel it is a very fitting way to honor our moms.

My mom, Ruth Stapleton, is 92 years young, still living in her own home, buying her own groceries, cleaning and cooking for herself. She has been a businesswoman most of her life. Shortly after graduating from Jamestown Business College, she became the executive secretary to the president of Harbison Carborundum. She left Harbison to become the first woman to own a Dairy Queen franchise in Lakewood, N.Y. She bought a condo in St. Petersburg, Fla., after my father, Douglas Stapleton, died in 1989. She became the treasurer for her Library Condo Association. She lived there for 13 years and came back to live in Lakewood to be with her family. She loves the special one-on-one time, as she calls it, with her children and grandchildren.

Part of our love for Mom is her nonjudgmental love for us; she never asks very much from any of us. Her interests are still so varied; she has even written a book with our dad’s love letters from World War II. She has her own private lending library in her Lakewood home, and friends drop off and borrow books. She talks of needing to take her extra books to the Lakewood Memorial Library for their book sale.

She and I used to take art classes together; we painted and learned to cane furniture together. It was Mom’s relaxation, she claimed, in her hectic life. Our shopping together consisted primarily of shoe shopping. Her favorite shoes are her red ones! She is remarkably young for her age and so interested in all her grandchildren. Her biggest joy is seeing them. She has made several cross-stitch baby quilts, and the last one she has made goes to the next great-grandchild. Needless to say, we, her family, couldn’t be prouder of our mom, Ruth Stapleton. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.

Beth Snow,


Creche president