United Seniors Council Hosts Third Annual Senior Trivia Day

NORTH HARMONY – Chautauqua County seniors had a chance to show off their general knowledge in a friendly game of competitive trivia.

On Thursday, the United Senior Council of Chautauqua County hosted dozens of senior citizens from across the county at the North Harmony Senior Citizen Center for the third annual Senior Trivia Day.

Altogether, 14 teams comprised of one-to-three members each participated in three rounds of largely historical-based questions ranging from local to national events. According to Theresa Perrin, president of United Senior Council, the participants in previous years requested local trivia that was pertinent to their lifetimes.

“We always put in some questions about Chautauqua County because we didn’t have any in the first year, and they requested it,” Perrin said. “So, there’s always some questions about Chautauqua County, and we try to touch on sports, history and geography. We try to have some serious, hard questions, and we also try to have some easier, fun questions.”

Perrin said the turnout for this year’s trivia day, although hard to predict in advance of the actual event, was consistent with that of previous years.

New to this year was the presentation of an award. Community resident Earl Ferry was dubbed this year’s “Chautauqua County Inspirational Senior,” and was given a certificate. Mary Ann Spanos, director of the Chautauqua County Office for the Aging, read a list of reasons why Ferry was chosen as the award recipient, as well as a statement from a close friend of Ferry’s.

“(Ferry) has a big heart, and he’s always ready to help whenever somebody is in need,” Spanos concluded at the end of the reading.

This statement was echoed by another attendee of the trivia day, who said Ferry had saved her from drowning in an Ashville pond 56 years ago.

“If it wasn’t for Earl, I wouldn’t be here today,” she said.

Perrin said the award was given in recognition of the way in which Ferry has given selflessly of his time and talents to others.

“We are truly inspired by you,” she said of Ferry. “Thank you for all that you do, and all that you’ve done for the community.”

The emcee for the event was Dennis Webster, who administered the trivia questions and revealed their respective answers.