James Prendergast Library To Cancel Annual June Book Sale This Year

The annual June sighting of people lining up outside of the James Prendergast Library for its annual two-day book sale will not be seen this year.

The library has decided not to hold its annual June book sale this year. Tina Scott, James Prendergast Library director, said the annual sale will be not be held for two reasons. One is the renovation project at the library will be starting in June. The Public Library Construction Grant project to expand handicapped accessibility throughout the building, located at 509 Cherry St., is scheduled to start the beginning or middle of June. The book sale annually took place the second weekend in June.

”With construction coming up in June it would be too much to do both,” she said.

Last November, renovation plans for the library were announced during a public meeting. The first phase of the proposed renovations will focus on making the library compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. This includes upgrading a freight elevator to a passenger one and installing five restrooms to improve family use and accessibility. The project was originally planned to start in April, but construction bids were higher than expected, which postponed the start of the renovations to June while changes were made to lower costs.

The second reason the library won’t be hosting a once-a-year book sale is because of the daily one they started last fall.

”We started doing a year-round sale in October. It actually works much easier for our staff,” Scott said. ”It is an opportunity for people who don’t have to wait for the two-day, once-a-year sale. We’ve received a lot of positive comments about it. A lot of people don’t like the mad rush of people for the two-day sale.”

Donations will continue to be accepted throughout the year, and sale proceeds are still used for new library materials and services. An official opening for the daily sale happened in February, which provided an opportunity to expand from a few aisles in the stacks to tables where new stock can be displayed. Regular prices are $2 for adult hardcover books; $1 each for adult paperbacks, young adult books and children’s books. During quarterly sales, most individual items are half price, and a grocery bag of books costs $10. The library’s Board of Trustees will continue to monitor the success of the daily book sale and evaluate whether to return to an annual sale in 2015.

Last year, the book sale was held for the first time at the Lillian V. Ney Renaissance Center, 119 W. Third St. Scott said even though that sale went well, storing and waiting once a year to hold a book sale with the new daily sale doesn’t make sense. For more information, call 484-7135 or visit www.prendergastlibrary.org.