Jakubzak, Doubek, Jackson Lead Cards To Track Win

RANDOLPH-The Randolph boys track team (4-0, 6-0) remained undefeated in Division 3 action as they rolled past Ellicottville/West Valley 121-13 and bested Chautauqua Lake 114-27.

Henry Jakubzak was a triple winner for the hosts in winning the 110 hurdles (18.4), 400 hurdles (1:06.8), and long jump (19-0).

Chris Doubek was a double winner in the pole vault (14-0) and the high jump (5-6) while Zach Jackson took home the 1,600 (5:20.6) and the 800 (2:08.2).

3200m Relay: Randolph (Mark Lindquist, Ashton Walters, Dennis Becker, Skyler Schapp). T- 8:57.5

110 Hurdles: Henry Jakubzak (R), Albert Firster (CL), Marcus Miller (R). T- 18.4

100m: Ryland Logan (CL), Matt Logan (CL), Alex Shipherd (R), Ethan Boberg (WV). T- 12.0

1600m: Zach Jackson (R), Walters (R), Schapp (R). T- 5:20.6

400 Relay: CL (Joseph Bombek, Max Logan, Firster, R. Logan). T- 47.4

400m: Rin Tojo (WV), Shipherd (R), Micah Kehoe (R). T- 54.9

400m Hurdles: H. Jakubzak (R), Firster (CL), Tristen Holdridge (R). T- 1:06.8

800m: Jackson (R), Carter Davidson (CL), Jacob Turner (R). T- 2:08.2

200m: Kehoe (R), R. Logan (CL), Tojo (WV). T- 24.0

3200m: Schapp (R), Walters (R), Deatryk Filsby (R). T- 11:23.2

1600 Relay: Randolph (Shipherd, Kehoe, Jackson, Taylor Miller). T- 3:54.1

Long Jump: Jakubzak (R), T. Miller (R), Davidson (CL). D: 19-0

Shot Put: Cody Oldro (R), Michael Bowers (R), Wesley Sluga (R). D: 44-6.5

High Jump: Chris Doubek (R), Connor McAllister (R), Wyatt McAllister. H: 5-6

Discus: Bowers (R), Oldro (R), Alex Plaskett (R). D: 120-3

Triple Jump: Jackson (R), Davidson (CL), Jakubzak (R). D: 38-5

Pole Vault: Doubek (R), Trent Howard (CL), Schapp (R). H: 14-0


Allegany-Limestone topped Cattaraugus-Little Valley, 77-64, in Division 2.

3,200 Relay: Allegany-Limestone (Andrew Stady, Owen Barber, Shane Lindqust, Todd Mason). T-8:55.1.

110 Hurdles: Andrew Stady (AL), Jordan Kayes (AL), Kellen Martin (CLV). T-17.8.

100: Ron Cunningham (AL), Nate Reynolds (CLV), Cody Morris (AL). T-11.6.

1.600: Owen Barber (AL), Hunter Phinney (CLV), Mike Easton (AL). T-4:52.8.

400 Relay: Allegany-Limestone (Jake Yonker, Todd Mason, Cody Morris, Ron Cunningham). T-46.9.

400: Todd Mason (AL), Matt Gostomski (CLV), Evan Stern (CLV). T-55.9.

400: Andrew Stady (AL), Kellen Martin (CLV), Caleb Hibit (CLV). T-1:05.5.

800: Owen Barber (AL), Hunter Phinney (CLV), Matt Gostomski (CLV). T-2:10.6.

200: Nate Reynolds (CLV), Cody Morris (AL), Jordan Kayes (AL). T-24.2.

3,200: Owen Barber (AL), Hunter Phinney (CLV), Sam Ritchie (CLV). T-10:32.1.

1,600 Relay: Allegany-Limestone (Jake Yonker, Cody Morris, Andrew Stady, Todd Mason). T-3:56.5.

High Jump: Colt Agnew (CLV), Caleb Hibit (CLV), Daniel Taapken (CLV). H-5-8.

Long Jump: Anthony Bernardi (CLV), Colt Agnew (CLV), Ron Cunningham (AL). D-18-10.

Triple Jump: Caleb Hibit (CLV), Anthony Bernardi (CLV), Payton Washburn (CLV). D-36.

Pole Vault: Kyle Morton (CLV), Shane Lindquist (AL), Sam Ritchie (CLV). H-11-6.

Shot Put: Roman Greco (AL), Pete Harris (AL), Cole Moore (CLV). D-47-10.

Discus: Roman Greco (AL), Pete Harris (AL), Jamie Belzile (CLV). D-130-8.


FREWSBURG -John Luden was a triple winner as Clymer-Sherman-Panama scored 80 points, compared to Pine Valley with 78 points and Frewsburg with 18 points.

Luden won the long jump (18-2), triple jump (38) and the high jump (5-8) for CSP.

C. Swetland of Pine Valley took the 110 high hurdles (16.2) and 400 intermediate hurdles (1:02.6).

3,200 relay: Clymer-Sherman-Panama (W. Johnson, J. Lester, W, Scarem, B. Carpenter), T – 9:33.9.

110 hh: C, Swetland (PV), J. Luden (CSP), R, Rockwood (PV), Z. Carlson (PV). T – 16,2.

110: B. Waugh (PV), S. Svetz (CSP), K. North (PV), L. Clark (F). T – 11.7.

1,600: J, Odell (CSP), H. Sullivan (CSP), D. Chase (CSP), W. Scarem (CSP). T -4:53.3.

400 relay: Pine Valley (Waugh, Hillyer, North, Swetland). T – 47.4.

400: J. Peterson (F), Hillyer (PV), Gleason (CSP), Martin (PV). T – 55.4.

400 ih: Swetland (PV), Odell (CSP), Rockwood (PV), Carlson (PV). T – 1:02.6.

800: Sullivan (CSP), Odell (CSP), Thierman (PV), Gayton (PV). T – 2:13.6.

200: Hillyer (PV), Peterson (F), North (PV), Svetz (CSP). T – 24.6.

3,200: Scarem (CSP), Chase (CSP), Johnson (CSP), Mendoza (CSP). T – 11:32.8.

1,600 relay: CSP (Svetz, Sullivan, Gleason, Manwaring). T – 3:52.3.

Long jump: Luden (CSP), Rhinehart (PV), Gauton (PV), Martin (PV). D – 18-2.

Triple jump: Luden (CSP), Hillyer (PV), Nelson (PV), Gayton (PV). D – 38.

High jump: Luden (CSP), Nelson (F), Waugh (PV), Hillyer (PV). H – 5-8.

Pole vault: M. Waugh (PV), Carlson (PV), Edwards (F). H – 10.

Shot put: Lee (CSP), Matzer (CSP), Spacht (CSP), Rogers (F). D – 41-7.

Discus: Milne (PV), Heiser (CSP), Gillard (PV), Rogers (F). D – 177-9.