Lawton, Powers Double In Southwestern Girls’ Win

Southwestern (4-0, 5-0) topped Dunkirk, 91- 50, in Division 1 girls track on Monday.

Katie Lawton won the 1,500 and 3,000 for the Lady Trojans while Kelsey Powers was first in the 100 and 400 hurdles.

Amanda Michalski won the long jump and triple jump, and Samaya Toomer took the 100 and 200 for Dunkirk.

3200m relay: Southwestern (Cassie Cramer, Jessica Schrader, Andrea O’Boyle, Katie Lawton). T-11:16.

100 Hurdles: Kelsey Powers (SW), Savia Moveland (D), Kelsey Slate (D). T-17.5.

100: Samaya Toomer (SW), Heidi Mueller (SW), Misty Himes (SW). T-12.7.

1500: Katie Lawton (SW), Jillie Lawton (SW), Rache Rosas (D). T-5:24.

400 relay: Southwestern (Misty Himes, Kelsey Powers, Nicole Cooper, Heidi Mueller). T-53.0.

400: Faith Rivera (D), Nicole Cooper (SW), Natilie Nytz (D). T-1:06.

400 Hurdles: Kelsey Powers (SW), Savia Moveland (D), Fancy Royle (SW). T-1:10.

800: Cassie Cramer (SW), Jillie Lawton (SW), Kaylin Pogorzelski (D). T-2:36.

200: Samaya Toomer (SW), Misty Himes (SW), Heidi Mueller (SW). T-27.6.

3000: Katie Lawton (SW), Andrea O’Boyle (SW), Ashley Olrogg (D). T-13:19.

1600relay: Southwestern (Cassie Cramer, Fancy Royle, Jillie Lawton, Kelsey Powers). T-4:39.

Long Jump: Amanda Michalski (D), Samaya Toomer (D), Samantha Hemenger (D). D-14-3

Triple Jump: Amanda Michalski (D), Heidi Mueller (SW), D Samantha Hemenger (D). D-30-10.

High Jump: Diamond Fedrick (SW), Faith Rivera (D), Misty Himes (SW). 5-0.

Shot Put: Amancia Vierra (D), Shauna Rudny (SW), Lucy Pannes (SW). D-31-6.

Discus: Lelly Hoose (SW), Shauna Rudny (SW), Lucy Pannes (SW). D-92-8.

Pole Vault: Andrea O’Boyle (SW), Jillie Lawton (SW), Amanda Michalski (D). H-7-0.


FREDONIA – The last time Fredonia defeated Falconer was in 2001 and led by Lauren Reyda with three wins, Fredonia finally did it again by defeating the Lady Golden Falcons, 77-60, in Division 1.

Reyda won the 1,500 (5:20), the 800 (2:31) and the 3,000 (11:44) while Devin Kowalewski captured the 100 hurdles (16.1) and long jump (15-3).

For Falconer, Chantel Williams tripled in the 100 (13), the 400 (1:05.3) and the 200 (27.3). Alyssa Brooks doubled in the discus (108-10) and the shot put (30-9).

”We were missing a few athletes but no excuse as Fredonia beat us,” said Falconer coach Mike LeBaron.

Absent was Mackenzie Wright, who doubled at the Falconer Invitational on Friday.

3,200 relay: Fredonia (Gwen Stokes, Ally Cobb, Emily Wan, Lauren Reyda). T – 11:57.

100 h: Devin Kowalewski (Fr.), Baileigh Carter (F), Mikaela Oldensburg (Fr.). T – 16.1.

100: Chantel Williams (F), Deidra Osula (Fr.), Taylor King (F). T – 13.

1,500: Reyda (Fr.), Amber Micek (F), Wan (Fr.). T – 5:20.

400 relay: Falconer (Andrea Volk, Micek, King, Lexy Alexander). T – 55.4.

400: Williams (F), Emily Valone (Fr.), Kirsten Holmberg (F). T – 1:05.3.

400 h: Cobb (Fr.), Lechandre Mix (F), Oldenburg (Fr.). T -1:44.4.

800: Reyda (Fr.), Wan (Fr.), Holmberg (F). T – 2:31.

200: Williams (F), Osula (Fr.), Cobb (Fr.). T – 27.3.

3,000: Reyda (Fr.), Stokes (Fr.), Joy Manno (F). T – 11:44.

1.600 relay: Fredonia (Names Unavailable). T – 9:45.

Discus: Alyssa Brooks (F), Courtney Styborski (Fr.), Emily MacKinnon (F). D – 108-10.

High jump: Stokes (Fr.), Carter (F), Sydney Przybysz (Fr.). H -4-8.

Long jump: Kowalewski (Fr.), Carter (F), Allison Gugino (Fr.). H – 15-3.

Shot put: Brooks (F), Styborski (Fr.), MacKinnon (Fr.). T – 30-9.

Pole vault: Volk (F). H – 7-0.

Triple jump: Carter (F), Mix (F). D – 31-9.


GOWANDA – Gowanda topped Salamanca, 95-46, in Division 1.

Stewart (1500, 800, 3000) was a triple winner for Gowanda by wining the 1,500, 800 and 3,000 and Eddy won the 100 hurdles and 200.

Ryanne Yehl doubled for Salamanca in the taking the triple and high jumps.

3200 Relay; Gowanda T- 1:52.7.

400 Relay: Gowanda. T-56.7.

1600 Relay: Gowanda. T-4:27.3.

100 hurdles: Eddy (G), Wing (G), James (S). T-17.9

100 : Haggard (G), Hill (S), James (S). T-14.2.

1500: Stewart (G), Samuelson (G), Jaroszwski (G). T-5:58.3.

400: Grubbs (G), Coustenis (S), Laxatona (G). T-1:04.5.

400 Hurdles: Samuelson (G), Hill (S), Torres (G). T-1:13.4

800: Stewart (G), Roman (G), Haggart (G). T-2:44.9

200: Eddy (G), Haggart (G), Sheppard (S). T-29.2.

3000: Stewart (G), Samuelson (G), Jaroszewski (G). T-13:13.3.

Discus: Clark (S), Wing (G), Weyand (G). D-82-9.

Shot put: Wing (G), Clark (S), Weyand (G). D-28-3.

Long jump: Eddy (G), Wing (G), Learn (S). D-14-5.5.

Triple jump: Yehl (S), Learn (S), Latona (G). D-31-2.5.

High jump: Yehl (S), Bocharski (S), Grubbs (G). D-4-8.

Pole vault: Learn (S), Coustenis (S), Sheppard (S). D-9-0.