Salamanca Awards Bid For Clean Up Days

SALAMANCA – City residents will have the ability to get rid of large amounts of waste, as they have in previous years, now that city officials have voted to accept the low bid for removal of the garbage during clean-up days.

Though dates and times had yet to be determined, the low bid, from Casella Waste Systems for $135 per ton of trash, was accepted, to include items that contain Freon at no additional cost.

Residents that want to take part in the program are asked to sign up before the program date and pay a $30 fee to the city comptroller. Though the dates were not certain, those who will be participating are asked to have the traditional mounds of garbage at the curb after Memorial Day, as it is expected that the collection dates will be the first week in June.

Another point of interest that was addressed by the members of the Common Council was the speed at which pothole repairs have been made. Clamor from a handful of residents brought reminders from Mayor Carmen Vecchiarella that everything is going as planned, and work will progress at a quicker pace once the asphalt plants are open and making material to fill the holes.

“Every day it is not raining, we will be out patching holes,” Works Superintendent Pat Reed said.

Two of the worst roads in the city, Center Street and Summit Street, will be completely rebuilt, as soon as weather and contracts allow, Vecchiarella said. Contract bids should be received and paperwork filed to be able to move forward with the repairs in less than a month, he said.

“We will probably accept the bids during the first council meeting in May and we are hoping the projects on the streets get started by the end of May or the first of June,” Vecchiarella said.

In other actions:

City Comptroller Kathleen Sarver has been moved to Step C of the city’s non-union scale. Sarver has been in the position a year and the move was part of her employment conditions.

Patricia Blakesless was appointed to a permanent, part-time position at the Salamanca Youth Center, where she will work during the evenings to fill a specific slot, according to Youth Center Director Sandra Brundage.