Protectors Of The Community

CHERRY CREEK – The Cherry Creek Community Association Inc. sponsored a fundraiser to benefit the Cherry Creek Volunteer Fire Department recently, and presented Chief Jim Bostaph with a check in the amount of $2,264, which will be used to purchase a new portable pond, and portable UHF radios.

“During this past hard winter, our community’s volunteers were called out to a large amount of structure fires, and it became obvious to us that they needed our help to purchase some additional equipment,” said Nancy Hall, president of the Community Association.

“They put themselves out there for us as they protect our property and our safety. We felt it was the least we could do, to thank them, and support them. So, we put our heads together and did this fundraiser,” Hall continued.

The fundraiser was held at the Trillium Lodge in Cherry Creek. There was a giveaway of three large items, and 25 themed baskets in a Chinese auction. The large items were a utility wagon filled with adult beverages, won by Jim Kenney; a wheelbarrow filled with spring gardening supplies, donated in part by Lonnie Reynolds and NEHS Hardware, won by John Swanson; and a child’s wagon filled with summertime beverages and games, won by Dan Colburn. The utility wagon, wheelbarrow and child’s wagon were colorfully decorated by association member Cody Britton, of South Paw Signs in Fredonia.

“The portable pool will give us a steady source of more water,” Bostaph said. “This will give us 18,000 gallons per minute without interruption. We’ve lost buildings in the past due to the lack of the larger portable pool. And the radios will replace the low band frequency radios we’ve been using, which date back to the 1950s. On behalf of the fire department, I accept this donation. We were shocked, surprised and thankful that you thought of us.”

The event was well-attended and well supported, and the Community Association would like to thank all those who participated.