A Letter To Andrew M. Cuomo

To the Readers’ Forum:

Sitting here at my desk I am thinking of two great men. One was mounting up 239 years ago. That would be Paul Revere. Maybe no longer … but I was taught in school that his ride was to warn other patriots of the British marching towards Lexington to confiscate the arms there and hopefully apprehend Sam Adams and John Hancock. All Americans owe Paul Revere. Seems his ride relates to 2014 in America.

The second man is my father. Among the many things he taught me was firearm safety beginning when I was very young. About the time I was starting school he began gradually teaching me about his guns. He drilled into me that they were to be handled with only the utmost respect. He said there was a right way and a wrong way to handle them. If I would listen, learn and do as instructed, one day I would be able to use them to hunt, target practice and use for protection. This would only happen if I displayed personal responsibility- that was 60 years ago. Dad did a good job, I am still a responsible gun owner.

Now here we are in New York State. It is 2014 and you seem to think you need to control everyone that owns a firearm. Why are trying to turn me and the other 6,000,000 gun owners in NYS into bad guys?

Your elected position does not give you the authority to ignore the United States Constitution. You have bodyguards whose job it is to protect you and your family. This may surprise you but I am my family’s bodyguard. Your S.A.F.E. Act does only one thing that I can see – appears to make we responsible gun owners look like the problem. Bad guys/criminals do not care how many laws you pass.

This is not rocket science, Mr. Cuomo.

How many criminals have turned in and/or registered their guns. Have they started limiting the number of rounds in their magazines, have they removed their telescoping stocks, etc.?

The next time there is a car accident or an arson incident will you blame and begin regulating GM. Ford or Zippo?

Try addressing the issue of personal responsibility. Leave us and the U.S. Constitution alone. Thanks just the same, but we don’t need your misguided help.

Girard Ruff