Rifle League Honors Top Shooters

The Chautauqua County Rifle League held its annual awards banquet on recently.

The league shoots at the Jamestown Rifle Club on Tuesday nights from late fall through spring and competes locally and in a Postal League that covers all of the Northeast.

Shooters compete indoors on a 50-foot range with high-precision 22 caliber target rifles and shoot in four different positions – prone, sitting, kneeling and offhand. The score is based on 10 record shots in each position for a total possible score of 400 with 40 Xs. M

Mark Walters had the top sharpshooter average with a 384.17 with 16.6 Xs. Andre Delcalzo was second with a 381.42 and 16.1 Xs.

High expert was awarded to Todd Hanson with a 391.08 and 25.3 Xs. Dave Allen was second with a 389.25 and 25.1 Xs and he also had the high prone average of 100, high sitting average of 99.75 and the high senior average.

Clayton Hanson was awarded with the high master average and overall high league average of 393.25 and 25.9 Xs along with high offhand average of 96.3 and the most improved average from last year of 20 points. Ben Swanson was second high master with a 393.17 and 26.3 Xs along with high kneeling average of 98.67 and the most impressive award of shooting a perfect 400 score and 31x’s.

Any one interested in the shooting sports can visit the club’s website at www.jamestownrifleclub.com to join or find out about our many different leagues and courses.