JHS, Maple Grove Boys; Falconer, Randolph Win Invitational Titles

FALCONER – Tareek Hannold of Falconer was selected the most outstanding boys track athlete of the annual Falconer Invitational Friday night.

Hannold won the 200 (22.80) in a school record time, the 100 (11.39) and the 400 (51.37) plus was on the second-place 400 relay team as Falconer came in third in Large Schools with 81 points.

Roman Greco of Allegany-Limestone was named the boys outstanding field performer as he took the shot put (52-3) and the discus (137-9).

Jamestown was the Large Schools champion with 105 points, Harborcreek was second with 87 points followed by Falconer. West Seneca West had 59 points, East Aurora 57, Southwestern 55, Olean 41 and Gowanda12 .

Cory Wefing led Maple Grove to the Small Schools boys crown by winning the 800 (1:57.06) and the 1,600 (4:24.85) with new school and meet records in each. He was named the most outstanding athlete for his accomplishments.

Maple Grove won the small Schools title with 99 points. Randolph was next with 86, Allegany-Limestone with 78, Portville with 72, Cattaraugus-Little Valley with 50, Clymer-Sherman-Panama with 33, Chautauqua Lake with 28, Holland with 23, Westfield with 10 , Frewsburg with nine, Silver Creek with three and Cassadaga Valley failed to score.

Alyssa Brooks and Mackenzie Wright guided Falconer to the Large Schools girls championship with 88 points and were co-winners in the field events.

Brooks was runnerup in the shot put and won the discus with a state qualification mark while Wright took the triple jump and was second in the long jump.

East Aurora was a close second to Falconer in the Large Schools with 87 points. Harbor Creek had 71, Fredonia 68 Jamestown 65, West Seneca West 52, Southwestern 41, Gowanda 31 and Olean 24.

Sofia Tasselmeyer of East Aurora was selected the most outstanding athlete of the meet as she placed first in the 1,500 (4.49.1) and 3,000 (10:19.33) and was a member of the winning 3,200 relay team.

Randolph emerged with the title in Small Schools with 96 points followed by Maple Grove with 90, Allegany-Limestone 74, Holland 73, CSP 61 , Silver Creek 25, Westfield 25, Frewsburg 19, Chautauqua Lake 19 , Cassadaga Valley 18 and Portville 14.

Mckenna Maycock of Randolph claimed the 400 hurdles (1:03.99) and the long jump (16-8) while Christina Walter of Maple Grove doubled in the 100 (12.75) and the 200 (26.28).

The annual Joe Paterniti Sportsmanship Awards went to Jordan Powers of Southwestern for the boys and Courtney Vaughn of Allegany-Limestone for the girls.


100: Tareek Hannold (Falconer), Matt McCarthy (Fredonia), Da’Quon Hollingsworth (Jamestown), Sean Artello (Harborcreek). T – 11.39.

200: Hannold (Falconer), Mitchell Moore (Jamestown), Matt McCarthy (Fredonia), Dan Kuhn (Harborcreek), Kevin Tapia (Jamestown). T – 22.80 (school record).

400: Hannold (Falconer), Kuhn (Harborcreek), Toddrick Mason (Allegany-Limestone), Jack Zagrobelny (East Aurora), Isaac Hilyer (Portville). T – 51.37.

800: Cory Wefing (Maple Grove), Matt McLaughlin (East Aurora), Zachary Jackson (Randolph), Zack Jones (Holland), Lucas Mehmel (Olean). T – 1:57.06 (meet and school record).

1,600: Wefing (Maple Grove), Owen Barber (Allegany-Limestone), Jackson (Randolph), Ryan Hetrick (Southwestern), Hunter Phinney (Cattaraugus-Little Valley). T – 4:24.85 (meet and school record).

3,200: T. J. Murray (East Aurora), Barber (A-L), Kenny Vasbinder (East Aurora), Josh odell (Clymer-Sherman-Panama), Hetrick (Southwestern). T – 9:58.68.

110 h: Josh Fisher (Falconer), Jordan Powers (Southwestern), Benjamin Larson (Jamestown), John Luden (C-S-P), Caleb Makuch (Silver Creek). T – 15.59.

400 h: Moore (Jamestown), Powers (Southwestern), Makuch (Silver Creek), Austen Johnson (Jamestown), Mitchell Schcellkopf (West Seneca West). T -55.51.

400 relay: Jamestown (Kevin Tapia, Austen Beaver, Doentae Martin, Jarell Greene), Falconer, West Seneca West, Portville, Gowanda. T – 45.20.

1,600 relay: Jamestown (Izaila Rahim, Andre Johnson, Moore, Austen Johnson), West Seneca West, Harborcreek, Randolph, Maple Grove. T – 3:33.34.

3,200 relay: East Aurora (Matt McLaughlin, Murray, Kenny Vasbinder, Jack Zagrobelny), Harborcreek, West Seneca East, Olean, Falconer. T – 8:23.94.

High jump: Steve Nowell (Jamestown), Ben Waugh (Portville), Luden (C-S-P), Colt Agnew (C-LV), Anthony Popoff (Harborcreek). H – 5-10.

Pole vault: Chris Doubek (Randolph), Trent Howard (Chautauqua Lake), Luke Rickey (Olean), Brad Benson (MG), Leo Blore (Harborcreek). H – 13-0.

Long jump: Jarrod D’Annibale (Harborcreek), Greene (Jamestown), Michael Ferry (Harborcreek), Zack Jones (Holland), Matthew Civilette (Fredonia). D – 20-4.

Triple jump: Civilette (Fredonia), Martin (Jamestown), Greene (Jamestown), Ferry (Harborcreek), Chris Hammond (Gowanda). D – 41-8.

Shotput: Roman Greco (A-L), Adam Sorrentino (West Seneca West), Pete Harris (A-L), Michael Bowers (Randolph), Cody Oldro (Randolph). D – 52-3.

Discus: Greco (A-L), John Martin (Southwestern), Mike Earle (Falconer), Sorrentino (WSW), Bowers (Randolph). D – 137-9.


100: Christina Walter (MG), Shantel McCart (CSP), Chantel Williams (FAL), Deidra Osula (FRED), Emily MArchitte (WSW). T- 12.75

200: Walter (MG), McCart (CSP), Abigail Jankowski (WSW), Osula (FRE), Orianne Simon (JAM). T- 26.58

400: Julia Grupp (HOL), Julie Barton (AL), Molly McLaughlin (EA), Adriana Roehmholdt (JAM), Brenna Culbreth (WES). T- 1:02.71

800: Marta McLaughlin (EA), Cortnie Vaughn (AL), Megan Marsh (JAM), Colleen Steward (GOW), Becca King (CSP). T- 2:17.81

1500: Sophia Tasselmyer (EA), King (CSP), Hunter Samuelson (GOW), Mackenzie Swartzman (FREW), Carlin Sullivan (EA). T- 4:49.21

3000: Tasselmyer (EA), Hope Pietrocarlo (MG), Megan Caltagirone (HOL), Fiona Danieu (EA), Riley Jones (HOL). T- 10:19.33

100 Hurdles: Sophie Mazza (HC), Mckenna Maycock (RAN), Devin Kowalewski (FRED), Summer Haight (JAM), Emma Harris (WSW). T- 15.34

400 Hurdles: Maycock (RAN), Sarah Garvin (JAM), Kelsey Powers (SW), Molly Laurie (WES), Massa (HC). T-1:03.99

400 Relay: Jamestown (Taylor Brightman, Rebecca Rew, Summer Haight), Falconer, Maple Grove, Harbor Creek, West Seneca West. T- 52.52

1600 Relay: East Aurora (M. McLaughlin, M. McLaughlin, Bekah Zee, Hannah Hitchcock), Jamestown, Harbor Creek, Randolph, Falconer. T- 4:12.81

3200 Relay: East Aurora (M. McLaughlin, M. McLaughlin, Sophie Tasselmyer, Fiona Danieu), Holland, West Seneca West, Allegany-Limestone, Maple Grove. T- 9:36.54.

High Jump: Tie: Lechandre Mix (FAL), Diamond Fedrick (SW), Gwen Stokes (FRED), Alaina Kruszewski (HC), Baileigh Carter (FAL). H: 5-0

Pole Vault: 3-way Tie: Emily Harford (SC), Olivia Brown (HC), Brenna McDonald (RAN), Erin Sheridan (HC), Brenna Gelen (AL). H: 8-6

Long Jump: Maycock (RAN), Wright (FAL), Evans (RAN), Kowalewski (FRED), Alex Caputi (OLE). D: 16-8

Triple Jump: Wright (FAL), Julia Rak (HOL), Evans (RAN), Ashley Beckwith (CSP), Carter (FAL). D: 35-1.5

Shot Put: Tiffini Keyes (RAN), Alyssa Brooks (FAL), Alise Murray (WSW), Lucy Pannes (SW), Amber Morrison (CV). D: 32-10

Discus: Brooks (FAL), Janine Zaunegger (HC), Gabriella Hoose (SW), Courtney Styborski (FRED), Olivia Reinhardt (JAM). D: 112-5