Trojans, Golden Falcons Sweep Track Meets

Ryan Hetrick and Jordan Powers won three events apiece when Southwestern (2-1, 2-2) defeated Fredonia, 83-58, for the second straight year in Division 1 boys track on Wednesday.

Hetrick captured the 1,600 (4:08.5), the 800 (2:14.6) and the 3,200 (10:59) while Powers won the 110 high hurdles (16.2), the high jump (5-4) and the 400 hurdles (1:01.6) for the Trojans.

John Martin of Southwestern doubled in the shot (39-2) and the discus (134-5).

For Fredonia, Matt Civilette took the 400 (57), the long jump (19-5) and the triple jump (39-1).

Matt McCarthy of Fredonia was victorious in the 100 (11.6) and the 200 (24.6).

3,200: Fredonia (Mike Meredith, Ryan Meredith, Jake Ekman, John Doye). T – 9:50.

110 hh: Jordan Powers (SWC), Brady Williams (SWC), Seth Gibson (SWC). T – 16.2.

100: Matt McCarthy (F), Dylan Meyer (F), Arturo Vargas (SWC). T – 11.6.

1,600: Ryan Hetrick (SWC), M. Meredith (F), Giuseppe Hoose (SWC). T – 4:08.5.

400 relay: Fredonia (McCarthy, Dewey, Meyer, Amatuzza). T – 47.9.

400: Matt Civilette (F), Brad Southwick (SWC). T – 57.

400 h: Powers (SWC), Williams (SWC), Gibson (SWC). T – 1:01.6.

800: Hetrick (SWC), Dewey (F), M. Meredith (F). T – 2:14.6.

200: McCarthy (F), Meyer (F), John Martin (SWC). T – 24.6.

3,200: Hetrick (SWC), Hoose (SWC), Meredith (F). T – 10:59.

1,600 relay: Southwestern (Vargas, Matt Southwick, Hetrick, Powers). T – 3:52.6.

Long jump: Civilette (F), Jake Hammond (SWC), Amatuzza (F). D – 19-5.

Triple jump: Civilette (F), Gibson (SWC), Hammond (SWC). D – 39-1.

High jump: Powers (SWC), Meyer (F), McCarthy (F). H – 5-4.

Shotput: Martin (SWC), Howard Boutelle (SWC), Ben Swanson (SWC). D – 39-2.

Discus: Martin (SWC), Brandon Himes (SWC), Boutelle (SWC). D – 134-5.

Pole vault: M. Southwick (SWC), Adam Essek (F), Adam Rose (F). H – 9-0.


SALAMANCA – The Falconer boys track team had no trouble on the road during a rainy Wednesday as it picked up a 97-35 Division 1 win over Salamanca.

Josh Fisher was a double winner with victories in the 100 (11.8) and the 400 hurdles (1:05.0) as was Austin Ormond who took home the 1,600 (5:04.7) and the 3,200 (11:17.6).

3200 Relay: Falconer (J. Thorpe, A. Ormond, T. Lee, J. Pischeria). T- 9:44.3

110 Hurdles: D. Beckerink (F), D. Johnson (F), T. Fisher (F). T- 18.3 (tie)

100m: J. Fisher (F), C. Dustin (F), L. John (S). T- 11.8.

1600m: Ormond (F), T. Lee (F), Pischeria (F). T- 5:04.7

400 Relay: Falconer (C. Dustin, J. Fisher, R. Dustin, T. Hannold). T- 46.0

400m: C. Dustin (F), J. Hinman (S), T. Reynolds (S). T- 56.8

400 Hurdles: J. Fisher (F), F. Reynolds (S), D. Beckerink (F). T- 1:05.0

800m: T. Hannold (F), A. Ormond (F), Pischeria (F). T- 2:14.4

200m: E. Butts (F), M. Peters (S), R. Dustin (F). T- 25.6

3200m: A. Ormond (F), W. Black (F), Pischeria (F). T- 11:17.6

1600 Relay: Salamanca (F. Reynolds, L. John, J. Nye, J. Hinman). T- 3:56.7

Pole Vault: Not Run

Shot Put: S. Connell (S), M. Earle (F), J. Penhollow (F). D: 39-6

Discus: Earle (F), Connell (S), B. Cunningham (S). D: 125-03

High Jump: Johnson (F), Nye (S), J. Fish (S). H: 5-8

Long Jump: J. Ball (S), L. John (S), Hannold (F). D: 16-7

Triple Jump: T. Fisher (F), Johnson (F), Ball (S). D: 34-2



The Southwestern girls track team (3-0, 4-0) remained undefeated as it cruised to an 84-55 Division 1 win over Fredonia on Wednesday.

Brittany Feldman was a triple winner for the Lady Trojans after taking home the 400 (1:00), 200 (26.9), and the high jump (4-10).

Devin Kowalewski was also a triple winner for Fredonia with victories in the 100 hurdles (16.7), long jump (15-4.5), and the triple jump (31-1.5).

3200m Relay: Fredonia (Gwen Stokes, Ally Cobb, Emily Wan, Lauren Reyda). T- 10:42

100 Hurdles: Devin Kowalewski (F), Kelsey Powers (SW), Mikela Oldenburg (F). T- 16.7

1500m: Katie Lawton (SW), Reyda (F), Jillie Lawton (SW). T- 5:09

400 Relay: SW (Misty Himes, Powers, Nicole Cooper, Heidi Mueller). T- 54.1

400m: Brittany Feldman (SW), Emily Valvo (F), Cooper (SW). T-1:00

400 Hurdles: Powers (SW), Ally Kobb (F), Fancy Royle (SW). T- 1:11

800m: Cassie Cramer (SW), Jillian Lawton (SW), Reyda (F). T- 2:35

200m: Feldman (SW), Deidra Osula (F), Himes (SW). T- 26.9

3000m: Reyda (F), Stokes (F), Katie Lawton (SW). T- 11:35

1600 Relay: SW (Cramer, Himes, Powers, Feldman). T-4:26

Long Jump: Kowalewski (F), Georgianna Gens (F), Maddy Alexander (SW). D: 15-4.5

Triple Jump: Kowalewski (F), Mueller (SW), Gens (F). D: 31-1.5

High Jump: Feldman (SW), Diamond Fedrick (SW), Himes (SW), Stokes (F). H: 4-10

Shot Put: Lucy Pannes (SW), Lelly Hoose (SW), Styburksi (F). D: 30-4

Discus: Hoose (SW), Styburski (F), Pannes (SW). D: 94-2

Pole Vault: Andrea O’Boyle (SW), Jillian Lawton (SW). H: 7-0


SALAMANCA – Freshman Chantel Williams and Mackenzie Wright each tripled as undefeated Falconer (2-0, 6-0) downed Salamanca, 93-42.

Williams won three events for the first time this season as she captured the 100 (13.4), the 400 (1:05.4) and the 200 (28.8) for the Lady Golden Falcons.

Wright, meanwhile, won the 400 hurdles (1:16.4), the long jump (15-6) and the triple jump (33-6).

Alyssa Brooks of Falconer claimed the shot (30-4) and the discus (101-2).

Ryanne Yehl of Salamanca had a personal best in winning the high jump (5-1) and reached the automatic qualification height for the Section 6 championships.

3,200 relay: Falconer (Amber Micek, Rhea Moore, Joy Manno, Kirsten Holmberg). T – 11:50.

100 hh: Baileigh Carter (F), Cali James (S), Lechandre Mix (F). T – 18.5.

100: Chantel Williams (F), Hayley John (S), Samarie Waddington (F). T – 13.4.

1,500: Holmberg (F), Maddie Turano (S), Manno (F). T – 5:46.

400 relay: Falconer (Mackenzie Wright, Waddington, Micek, Williams). T – 54.

400: Williams (F), Alyssa Coustenis (S), Carter (F). T – 1:05.4.

400 h: Wright (F), Mix (F), Andie Hill (S). T – 1:16.4.

800: Micek (F), Lexy Alexander (F), Emma Bocharski (S). T – 2:53.

200: Williams (F), Waddington (F), John (S). T – 28.8.

3,000: Turano (S), Manno (F), Jimerson (F). T – 13:19.

1,600 relay: Salamanca (Sheppard, Coustenis, John, Papa). T – 4:47.3.

Long jump: Wright (F), Learn (S), Yehl (S). D – 15-6.

Triple jump: Wright (F), Yehl (S), Carter (F). D – 33-6.

High jump: Yehl (S), Mix (F), Bocharski (S). H – 5-1.

Shotput: Brooks (F), Clark (S), Benson (F). D – 30-4.

Discus: Brooks (F), Clark (S), Benson (F). D – 101-2.