St. Susan Center Says Thank You

To The Reader’s Forum:

Recently St. Susan Center soup kitchen held our largest annual fundraiser, a basket fair, at the PHED Complex at JCC. The event is so much fun that many people look forward to donating gifts and joining in the excitement every single year. The generous donations come to St. Susan Center decorated in beautiful baskets. We also received many gift certificates, and monetary donations to help with the cost of the event! We are thrilled to announce the 2014 Spring Ahead Basket Fair raised $13,700! Thank you, community!

Serving our guests seven days a week is a challenge. The staff, board of directors and volunteers of St. Susan Center work very hard to meet the demands of our growing soup kitchen. That is why the Basket Fair is such an important part of our yearly fundraisers!

One person can make a difference, but, when the whole community comes together we can make an even greater difference!

Thank you again on behalf of everyone at St. Susan Center,

Chuck Holder, president


Sue Colwell, executive director