Busti Home Set Ablaze By Dried Out Wood

BUSTI-Several fire departments responded to a Busti home Tuesday morning after a reported fire alarm activation quickly turned into a spreading fire.

At approximately 7 a.m., Busti fire crews responded to the residence – located at 463 Pine Ridge Road – and observed heavy smoke coming from the eaves and roof.

Firefighters advanced hose lines into the home to the second floor, and found moderate to heavy fire conditions confined to an interior wall and the attic.

Crews worked for approximately 45 minutes to bring the blaze under control.

The home’s three residents safely evacuated. One of them sustained a minor burn to the hand, but was treated and released at the scene. The Southwestern NY Chapter of the Red Cross has provided disaster relief for the residents.

According to Mike Volpe, Busti fire chief, the fire was caused by a dried out piece of wood that was placed next to the home’s chimney.

“It’s pretty unique,” Volpe said. “When (the house) was constructed years back, (the 2 x 4 piece of wood) was put directly against the triple wall chimney, and it literally dried out to the point that it conducted heat and eventually just ignited.”

Despite damage to the second-floor hallway area and the living room, Volpe believes the home is not a loss.

“The house is very repairable and can be fixed without any issues,” Volpe said.

Busti was assisted at the scene by the Kiantone, Lakewood, Frewsburg, Sugar Grove, Lander and Russell fire departments, as well as the County Fire Coordinator staff and County Technical Rescue Team. Celoron firefighters were on stand-by at the Busti Fire Station.