Shooting For The STARS

The Resource Center still needs more than $3.5 million to undertake a broad-scale system integration aimed at improving the health of the community at large.

On Tuesday, The Resource Center officially kicked off its STARS capital campaign that will solidify the sustainability of care to those most vulnerable in the community. The outcome of the project is better access to care for the community, leading to improved personal outcomes, expanded economic vitality and overall cost savings to the broader system of health care.

STARS stands for System Transformation with – Accountability, Results and Satisfaction. STARS is the center’s vision for care delivery and coordination that moves from fragmented and segregated thinking and interventions to an integrated plan for system support to yield better personal and system outcomes.

”The result is where everyone benefits from the collective efforts,” said Paul Cesana, The Resource Center executive director. ”This is a major significant step forward … by improving our ways.”

The Resource Center provides comprehensive services that support positive outcomes related to health, mental health and employment services to more than 16,000 individuals; that represents more than 10 percent of the county’s population. Many of those supported by the center include a diverse profile of disabled individuals, at-risk children and low-income families. Many of the services provided by the center are located at the Carl Cappa building in Jamestown. A four-phase renovation project is planned for the building starting in the next few months and is expected to last about a year, said Pam Marchincin, site manager.

”This will truly be an integration of programs when it is complete,” Marchincin said.

The Resource Center is positioned to accomplish an integration of systems to drive results for better health, access and reduced costs. An integration of medical, dental, mental health and substance abuse services, along with social services and vocational and employment supports, is consistent with the research-based strategies being supported by federal and state initiatives.

The STARS capital campaign is a $5.1 million, multi-year project. The Resource Center has invested about $1.5 million into STARS thus far. Center officials seek $3.6 million in community investment for integration and co-location of services within the entire community, as well as the continuation of pilot projects, research application to support the model, integration of information and data, development of a centralized call center and other related operations.

”All of this doesn’t come cheap,” Cesana said. ”The capital campaign is a call to action for the entire community.”

To learn more about STARS, visit If you would prefer to mail your donation, make the check payable to The Resource Center and mail it to: The Resource Center, 200 Dunham Ave, Jamestown, NY 14701. Write in the memo line: ”STARS Capital Campaign.” If you have any questions, call 661-4735.