Catt. Co. IDA Moves Forward With Three New Projects

ELLICOTTVILLE – Projects around Cattaraugus County, including one in Ellicottville, received full support and agreement from the Cattaraugus County Industrial Development Agency at their meeting Tuesday morning.

Win Sum Ski Corporation, the group behind Holiday Valley, has won full approval for a plan to spend $3.4 million is projected to bring nearly 200 improvements to Holiday Valley, including a road realignment, as part of a sale/leaseback arrangement with sales tax abatement.

Resort President Dennis Eshbaugh and Vice President for Finance David Trathen laid out the plan in mid-March.

One of the major projects in the plan, although it may not take place until 2015, will be the realignment of Holiday Valley Road, to improve access to the resort, safety and greater impact to the resort, Trathen said during that meeting.

Additions for snow operations include the additions of 54 automated snow guns and the extension of a snowmaking pipeline. Snow operations are planned to take a solid move toward true automated operations, pointing out that the system has solid benefits to not only operations, but to those on the slopes, as well.

Other upgrades and betterments are expected to include the recreation of a clock tower. The previous one on the resort property was taken down to make way for the new lodge, according to Eshbaugh. In the new lodge area, the cabana structure would be replaced with a wood frame structure to better match the facilities. Several technological upgrades will also take place, including the replacement of point of sale machines.

In a similar leaseback maneuver, a project is allowing Community Bank N.A. to build their new facility on the former Bonaventure Square area, the land that used to be the home to the Castle Restaurant and Hotel. Community Bank purchased the 10-acre site in February to be the home to back office loans and mortgaging processing in a new 25,000 square foot building. The project is expected to cost around $6 million. In addition to the leaseback program, the bank will also receive a 10-year PILOT agreement from the IDA. The new facility is expected to preserve nearly 250 jobs in Cattaraugus County.

Construction for the project is anticipated to start the first week of June, at the latest, according to CCIDA executive director, Corey Wiktor.

The final project to receive approval from the board gives way to MJ Painting Contractor Corp., of Olean the final approval to move forward with the expansion project at the 29 Homer St. facility. The expansion project, totaling $528,500, is expected to secure about 26 jobs and construction of a 7,500 square foot building. The new development is expected to have about 30 percent of the new build area as green space.