CMA Church Holds ‘Frozen’ Party During Spring Break

onary Alliance Church of Jamestown hosted a ‘Frozen’ Party for school age children on Thursday, April 17. Activities and decorations were all themed after the Disney movie, “Frozen.”

“We wanted to do something special for children over the spring break. Many children do not get to go away, so we tried to offer an exciting experience for them right here in Jamestown,” said Joan Eppehimer, event coordinator. “We tossed around a few ideas and then looked on Pinterest for some party ideas. There were a flood of pins for Frozen parties.”

Sherri McCall, one of the planning committee members, said that they should go for it, so they did. “Once we started, it was really incredible. I had five people helping me, and they just ran with it.”

Workers turned a whole wall into a snow scene complete with Olaf. Elsewhere snow and snowmen adorned stairs, landings and the entrance way. Icicle lights and lighted snowflakes and theme colored tablecloths added to the decor. Even the refreshments were themed with snowflake cookies and blue punch which included snowballs (scopes of pineapple sherbet).

Olaf was the feature of many activities. Children could have their pictures taken with a 3-D Olaf and they each received “Olaf in a Bag” to take home (marshmallows, pretzel stick arms, M&M buttons, orange jelly bean nose and edible eyes).

For crafts children had a choice between making an Olaf bank or a Mason jar winter luminary. Children glued pre-cut snowflakes onto Mason jars and then frosted them with table salt. The effect was stunning with an electric tea light inside.

Games included searching Olaf’s hidden pieces and putting him together and lots of games with “snowballs.”

The Bible story featured Olaf’s classic line, “True love is when you put someone else’s needs before your own.”

Children then learned about the greatest story of true love, Jesus’ love for them when he sacrificed his own life at Easter.

“We all said we must be nuts to have a Frozen Party after a winter like this past one,” said Joan. “Everyone loved it though, even the workers.”