Volunteer Of The Year

Ann Legters has been named WCA Hospital’s 2013 Volunteer of the Year.

The WCA Hospital held a special volunteer luncheon on Monday in the hospital auditorium in appreciation of all individuals who volunteer at the hospital, and to name the award winner.

Before presenting the award to Legters, Elizabeth DeRosa, WCA Hospital volunteer coordinator, said that the Volunteer of the Year was so well-liked that many in the hospital call her “grandma.”

“She has touched the lives of so many throughout the hospital,” DeRosa said. “This volunteer is willing to do anything for anyone.”

As DeRosa announced Legters as the 2013 Volunteer of the Year, Legters’ family, residents of Clymer, appeared in the doorway of the auditorium to cheer her on.

Legters has been serving at the hospital for 12 years, for a total of 3,388 hours. She has worked in various areas of the hospital, including the radiation department and the snack shop.

According to Legters’ husband, Irving, his wife’s interest in serving people came from working 37 years for the postal service.

“I like visiting with people,” Ann Legters said. “I want to be where there’s people. At the snack shop, people wanted to talk or just needed an ear to listen. It’s a pleasure to come to work – I love it.”

According to Betsy Wright, WCA Hospital president and CEO, a total of 107 volunteers provided 21,207 hours of service to the hospital in 2013.

“You are often the first person patients and families see when they visit our hospital,” Wright said. “As a volunteer, you provide an important role in our patient care experience by offering encouragement, support and a reassuring smile. Your skills, advice, experience, friendship and inspiration are invaluable contributors in making our hospital the area’s leader in healthcare.”

Wright also spoke about the recent accomplishments of WCA Hospital, including discussing the new emergency department, which has served 45,361 patients since opening. The hospital provided more than 200,000 outpatient procedures and welcomed 631 babies in 2013. In January, WCA celebrated the 10th anniversary of the hospital’s sleep center, and WCA is the first and only hospital in the Southern Tier to provide robotic surgery. According to Wright, WCA has provided more than 200 robotic procedures since the program’s inception last year, led by Dr. Timothy Brown.

Brenda Ireland, chair of the WCA Hospital board of directors, recognized the volunteers who provided the most hours to the hospital in 2013: Robert Gray, 894 hours; Robert Scott, 768 hours; and James Till, 689 hours. Ireland also noted that Gray has volunteered 8,800 hours in total, and Scott has volunteered 7,900 hours in total.

During the event, Donna Beal, a volunteer at the hospital, discussed her journey to becoming a volunteer and her enjoyment of it.

According to Beal, she made a pact with a friend that after retiring, both would begin volunteering at the hospital. Initially, Beal was in charge of running the coffee cart throughout the hospital.

Currently, Beal volunteers in several hospital departments, including the emergency room, admission and dialysis.

“I really get a lot out of it,” she said.

The Hour Guard milestones recognized included: 16,500, Janet Anderson; 13,000, Barney Edson, who recently passed away; 8,500, Robert Gray; 7,500, Robert Scott; 5,000, Phyllis Gustavson; 4,500, Martha Love; 4,000, Sonya Burkett; 3,000, Robert Herring; 2,500, Larry Bourne, Gloria Johnson, Glenda Lyon and Gloria Raymond; 2,000, Bill Rollinger, Linda Sublee, Shirley Scalise and Kathleen Stuart; 1,800, Diane Adams; 1,500, Tony Conti, Margaret Fuchs, Carl Raineir and Sherwood VanDewark; 1,000, Jan Barrelle, Mary Carpenter and James Till; 900, Mark Collins and Maria Jacobson; 700, Bonnie Anderson and Karen Johnson; 600, Neil Anderson, Patty Bennett, Dianne Brown, Thelma Ecklund and Nancy Huckabone; 500, Dianne Bryan, Bruce Carlson and Diana Gronquist; 400, Bonnie Magers, Jamie Hewson-Ribbing and Flip Yates; 300, Sara Corkery, Linda Kennedy and Jessica Mancari; 200, Rose Cresanti, Connie Flowers, Maggie Irwin, Angeline Johnson, Sandra Johnson and Barbara Spetz; and 100, Keith Anderson, Benjamin Pitts, Stacy Rupczyk and Rodney Sager.

Volunteers who served in 2013 but did not reach their Hour Guard milestones were also recognized.

The volunteer of the year award has been given annually since 2004 to one outstanding individual who has volunteered for at least five years and exemplifies the vision and mission of the hospital.