Stockwell’s Jamestown Elite Wins Title At NAYS Tourney

RANDOLPH- In the Randolph-Jamestown National Alliance For Youth Sports Tournament in Randolph, the Stockwell’s Jamestown Elite 7th-8th-grade team finished first.

Its first game was a win against Up and Under from Fredonia, 25-7.

The leader was Natalie Angelitti with seven points and three steals while Macey Lundmark and Olivia Gates had six points each.

The leading rebounder was Elle Angelitti with nine and Allie Stockwell had four rebounds, four assists and two steals.

In the championship game, Stockwell’s Jamestown Elite beat Jamestown Elite, 31-26.

Macey Lundmark had 13 points, four rebounds and three steals. Natalie Angelitti and Olivia Gates each had four points and four rebounds. Stockwell had three points, three rebounds, three steals and one assist while Lauren Peters had three rebounds, three steals and one assist.