Only A Constitutional Amendment Can Stop McCutcheon

To The Reader’s Forum:

To grant corporations the status of persons really grants the corporate honchos double the political voice of the average individual.

Every single individual has the right to speak in the political process. Every corporate CEO, CFO and right on down to the broom-pusher who cleans the offices on the night shift has the same individual right of input into the political system.

This is what was intended by our founding fathers and is all that should be allowed in our present day. To do otherwise is to skew the system in favor of the super-wealthy and against the every day Joe on the street.

Have we so completely forgotten our history and why the corporate trusts and monopolies were put on leashes a hundred years ago? There was a reason for that. Our country was stronger and better when it was fairer.

We forget that lesson at our peril.

Thea Kester