DMV, Clerk’s Office Get New ATM Machines

In an effort to better serve customers, Chautauqua County Clerk Larry Barmore has had ATM machines conveniently placed in the county clerk’s office as well as the Jamestown and Mayville DMV offices.

“One of the first issues I heard about when I became county clerk was the inconvenience of our customers having to go to another location to get money to complete their transactions,” Barmore said. “The most inconvenienced customers were in the county clerk’s office in Mayville where customers can’t use credit cards and have to leave the building and go across the street or down the block, sometimes losing their valuable parking place and having to go through the security checkpoint twice.”

The ATM machines are available for use by the public and employees for a nominal fee. So far the ATM machines have seen nearly daily use, exemplifying the need for this added convenience.

“We’re always looking for ways to improve customer service without burdening the taxpayers,” Barmore said. “We want to be friendly, we want to be convenient and we want our customers to have a good experience.”