Moving Closer To Smaller Government

To The Reader’s Forum:

The battle to rein in the feds is getting its second set of teeth.

From coast to coast, the “Convention of States” movement is sweeping the nation.

I’m pleased to advise that Florida and Alaska have both officially passed the “Convention of States” application to restrict the power and over-rulings of the federal government.

The Alaska Senate passed the Convention of States application (HJR 22) on Saturday by a vote of 12-8; and the Florida House passed the Convention of States application (SM 476) yesterday by a voice vote.

Lead on, oh bastions of freedom, in these two states. Their commitment to write letters, make phone calls, attend meetings and etc. brought these victories to fruition. Their voices were heard, and citizens are now two steps closer to calling the first-ever Article V Convention of States. Victory is also possible here in New York state. If you want to stop the out of control federal government, this is probably the only way it will happen. Contact your Representatives and senators in Albany.

Dr. Donald Erickson