Moore Shines For Raiders

ORCHARD PARK – Mitchell Moore was a double winner as the Jamestown Red Raiders rolled to an 87-53 Erie County Interscholastic Conference Division 1 track and field victory over Orchard Park on Wednesday afternoon.

Moore claimed the 400 meters (51.2) as well as the 200 (22.7).

4×800 Relay: Jamestown (Mitchell Moore, Jonathan Healy, Christian Edborg, Austen Johnson). T-8:42.0

110 Hurdles: Ben Larson (J), Steven Nowell (J), Mike McCrone (OP). T-16.3

100m: DaQuon Hollingsworth (J), Rob Zwirecki (OP), Henry Tapia (J). T-11.3

1600m: Matt Mercer (OP), Matt Roder (OP), Mike Totaro. T-4:49.0

400m: Moore (J), Ben Goodman (OP), Connor Jensen (OP). T-51.2

400 Hurdles: McCrone (OP), Johnson (J), Daryl Colosi (OP). T-1:01.6

800m: Andre Johnson (J), Roder (OP), Totaro (OP). T-2:10.4

200m: Moore (J), Zwirecki (OP), Jensen (OP). T-22.7

3200 Meters: Matthew Mercer (OP), Zachery Barnes (J), Jacob Tomasik (OP). T-10:57.2

4×400 Relay: Jamestown (Hollingsworth, Johnson, Andre Johnson, Izaila Rahim). T-3:48.1

4×100 Relay: Jamestown (Henry Tapia, Awsten Beaver, Jarell Greene, Kevin Tapia). T-46.1

Long Jump: Deontae Martin (J), Beaver (J), Greene (J). D: 18-5.5

Triple Jump: Greene (J), Martin (J), Brady Jensen (OP). D: 38-10

High Jump: Nowell (J), Martin (J), Ayden Hanlon (OP). H: 5-10

Pole Vault: Beaver (J), Hanlon (OP). H: 8-0

Shot Put: Dawson Hillis (OP). Daryl Hunzinger (J), Matt McCarthy (OP). D: 57-7

Discus: Hillis (OP), Hunzinger (J), Brenin Dirling (J). D: 169-0



GOWANDA – Ryan Hetrick led the way when Southwestern (1-1, 1-2) defeated Gowanda, 75-66.

Hetrick tripled in the 1,600 (41.48), the 800 (2:17) and the 3,200 (10:51) for the Trojans, who got double wins from John Martin and Jordan Powers.

Martin led the shot put (39-5) and discus (131-3) as the Trojans swept both events

Meanwhile, Powers took the 110 high hurdles (15.8) and 400 intermediate hurdles (1:00.2) in the win.

For Gowanda, Chris Hammond and Nick Moresco split four wins with Hammond winning the triple jump (39-6) and high jump (5-6) and Moresco taking the 100 (12.1) and 200 (24.2).

3,200 medley relay: Gowanda (Zach Bogardus, Ryan Monex, Ethan Francis, Ben Myuel). T – 1):09.

110 hh: Jordan Powers (SWC), Trevor Greco (G), Brady Williams (O). T – 15.8.

100: Nick Moresco (G), Cam Alexander (G), Matt Southwick (SWC). T – 12.1.

1,600: Ryan Hetrick (SWC), Giuseppe Hoose (SWC), Jerry Strand (G). T – 41.48.

400 relay: Gowanda (Myzel, Alexander, Chris Hammond, Brennan Geiger). T – 47.1.

400: Myzel (G), Brad Southwick (SWC), Tjitze Kranzo (SWC). T – 56.7.

400 ih: Powers (SWC), Greco (G), Williams (SWC). T – 1:00.2.

800: Hetrick (SWC), John Snow (G), Myzel (G). T – 2:17.

200: Moresco (G), Geiger (G), Williams (SWC), T – 24.2.

3,200: Hetrick (SWC), Hoose (SWC), Monet (G). T – 10:51.

1,600 relay: Gowanda (Mysel, Moresco, Hammond, Geiger). T – 3:49.5.

Long jump: Geiger (G), Jake Hammond (SWC), Greco (G). D – 18-4.

Triple jump: C. Hammond (G), J. Hammond (SWC), Greco (G). D – 39-6.

High jump: C. Hammond (G), Powers (SWC), Alexander (G). H – 5-6.

Shotput: John Martin (SWC), Howard Boutelle (SWC), Ben Swanson (SWC). D – 39-5.

Discus: Martin (SWC), Swanson (SWC), Brandon Himes (SWC). D – 131-3.

Pole vault: Matt Southwick (SWC), Mitch Johnson (SWC), Cameron Miller (SWC). H – 11-6.



Cattaraugus-Little Valley finished with 103 points, followed by Frewsburg with 51 and Cassadaga Valley with 11.

3200 Relay: CLV (Phinney, Reynolds, Gostomski, Stern). T- 10:03.6

110 hurdles: Martin (CLV), Blakly (CLV). T- 19.3

100m: Reynolds (CLV), Vernardi (CLV), Clark (FCS), Agnew (CLV). T- 12.1

1600m: Phinney (CLV), Reynolds (CLV), Marchincin (FCS), Pownell (FCS). T- 5:06.9

400 Relay: FCS (Collver, Nelson, Rodgers, Clark). T- 51.4

400m: Peterson (FCS), Gostomski (CLV), Stern (CLV), Orr (FCS). T- 56.6

400 Hurdles: Martin (CLV), Vlakely (CLV), Pinraski (CLV). T- 1:10.1

800m: Phinney (CLV), Reynolds (CLV), Washburn (CLV), Marchincin (FCS). T- 2:22.7

200m: Peterson (FCS), Renolds (CLV), Clark (FCS), Johns (CV). T- 25.1

3200m: Phinney (CLV), Thorpe (CV). T- 11:08.3

1600 Relay: CLV (Stern, Reynolds, Washburn, Gostomski). T- 4:04

Long Jump: Agnew (CLV), Washburn (CLV), Warsitz (CV), Taupken (CLV). D:18-2

High Jump: Agnew (CLV), Nelson (FCS), Hibit (CLV), Taupka (CLV). H: 5-10

Triple Jump: Moore (CLV), Nelson (FCS), Collver (FCS), Vernardi (CLV). D: 36-5.5

Shot Put: Moore (CLV), Rogers (FCS), Myers (CLV), Anderson (FCS). D: 40-10

Discus: Belzile (CLV), Rogers (FCS), Moore (CLV), Anderson (FCS). D: 118-2

Pole Vault: Rodgers (FCS). H: 8-0



PORTVILLE – Zack Jackson claimed three events as Randolph won a triangular track meet with 90 points compared to host Portville with 74 points and Westfield-Brocton with 14.

In dual meet action, Randolph beat Portville, 69-62, and Portville downed Brocton, 108-31.

Jackson took the 800 in 2:35, the 1,600 in 5:48 and the triple jump with a leap of 38-5 for Randolph.

Also for the Cardinals, Chris Doubek pole vaulted 12-6 in winning that event.

200: Caya (P). T – 23.7.

400: Hillard (P). T – 44.8.

800: Jackson (R). T – 2:35.

1,600: Jackson (R). T – 5:18.

3.200: Walters (R). T – 11:48.

110 hh: Caya (P). T – 16.5.

400: Kehoe (R). T – 1:03.4.

Long jump: Cochram (W). D – 18-10.

Triple jump: Jackson (R). D – 38-5.

High jump: Hillard (P). H – 5-4.

Shot put: Bowers (R). D – 46-2.

Discus: Oldro (R). D – 112-1.

Pole vault: Doubek (R). H – 12-6.

3,200 relay: Randolph. T – 9:55.

400 relay: Portville. T – 46.6.

1,600 relay: Randolph. T – 3:55.




ORCHARD PARK – The Jamestown Lady Red Raiders track and field squad opened up their ECIC Division 1 season with a 75-56 win over Orchard Park.

Megan Marsh led Jamestown to victory as a triple winner in the 1,500 (5:27.1), 800 (2:35.2) and 3.000 (12:03.8).

4×800 Relay: Orchard Park (Madison Hunter, Jesse Urbank, Cayley Brege, Rami Major). T-10:59.2

110 Hurdles: Summer Haight (J), Sarah Pagano (OP), Alexie Ziegler (OP). T-16.0

100m: Jamie Guadagno (OP), Taylor Ziccarelli (OP), Sarah Garvin (J). T-12.9

1500m: Megan Marsh (J), Emily Izydorczak (OP), Jenna Silzle (J). T-5:27.1

400m: Garvin (J), Mikayla Capestrani (J), Victoria Mann (OP). T-1:03.1

400 Hurdles: Korene Aldrich (J), Erin Butman (J), Sam Crowley (OP). T-1:20.4

800m: Marsh (J), Adriana Roehmholdt (J), Urbank (OP). T- 2:35.2

200m : Ziccarelli (OP), Garvin (J), Lena Pasqualetti (OP). T- 27.1

3000m: Marsh (J) Major (OP), Rachel Johnson (J). T-12:03.8

4×400 Relay: Jamestown (Garvin, Butman, Marsh, Roemholdt). T-4:44.4

4×100 Relay: Orchard Park (Guadagno, Ziccarelli, Pasqualetti, Pagano). T-52.7

Long Jump: Butman (J), Guadagno (OP), Rebecca Rew (J). D:14-7

Triple Jump: Rew (J), Chloe Knapp (J). D:29-6

High Jump: Ziegler (OP), Mikayla Capestrani (J), Shine Deharder (J). H:4-6

Shot Put: Alexa Hillis (OP), LaStar Farmer (J), Amity Law (J). D:34-8.5

Discus: Hillis (OP), Olivia Reinhardt (J), Shannon Bermingham (OP)D:94-7


GOWANDA – Heidi Mueller, Brittany Feldman and Kelsey Powers were all double winners as undefeated Southwestern (2-0, 3-0) dropped Gowanda, 85-56.

Mueller was victorious in the 100 (13.3) and the triple jump, Feldman in the 400 (1:00) and the 200 (27.3) and Powers in the 100 (17.5) and the 400 hurdles (27.3) for the Lady Trojans.

Hunter Samuelson doubled for Gowanda in the 1,500 (5:10) and the 3,000 (11:31).

3.200: Southwestern (Jillie Lawton, Andrea O’Boyle, Cassie Cramer, Katie Lawson). T – 10:57.

100 h: Kelsey Powers (SWC), Kelsey Eddy (G), Lauren Wing (G). T – 17.5.

100: Heidi Mueller (SWC), Misty Himes (SWC), Brooks Taggart (G). T – 13.3.

1,500: Hunter Samuelson (G), K. Lawton (SWC), Kaitlyn Jacoszewski (G). T – 5.10.

400 relay: Southwestern (Himes, Diamond Fedrick, Nicole Cooper, Mueller). T – 54.6.

400: Brittany Feldman (SWC), Sarah Grubbs (G), Lexie Latona (G). T – 1:00.

400 h: Powers (SWC), Samuelson (G), Fancy Royle (SWC). T – 1:12.

800: Colleen Stewart (G), J. Lawton (SWC), Cramer (SWC). T – 2:36.

200: Feldman (SWC), Himes (SWC), Eddy(G). T – 27.3.

3.000: Samuelson (G), K. Lawton SWC), O’Boyle (SWC). T – 11:31.

1,600 relay: Gowanda (Taggart, Stewart, Latona, Grubbs). T -4:35.

Long jump: Lauren Wing (G), Eddy (G), Tea Paris (SWC). D – 14-2.

Triple jump: Mueller (SWC), Hannah Vezina (SWC), Shannon (G). D – 28-.

High jump: Fedrick (SWC), Himes (SWC), Grubbs (SWC). H – 5-0.

Shotput: Emma Weand (G), Lucy Pannes (SWC), Wing (G). D – 28-7.

Discus: Lelly Hoose (SWC), Wing (G), Pannes (SWC). D – 89-8.

Pole vault: O’Boyle (SWC), Samuelson (G), J. Lawton (SWC). H – 7-6.



Led by Christina Walter, Maple Grove prevailed over Clymer-Sherman-Panama, 86-53, and Ellicottville/West Valley, 96-42, on Tuesday.

Also, CSP defeated Ellicottville/West Valley, 75-56.

Walter took the 100 in 13.5 and the 200 in 27.7 for Maple Grove, which captured 10 events.

3.200: Maple Grove (Hope Pietrocarlo, Gracie Auer, Taylor Norris, Caroline Benson). T – 11:02.

100 h: A, Gentner (Ellicottville/West Valley), T. Thomas (E/WV), Alex Gentner (E/WV). T – 19.1.

100: Christina Walter (MG), Shantel McCart (CSP), Chris Kibbe (MG). T 13.5.

1,500: Rebecca King (CSP), Holly Eliason (CSP), Gracie Auer (MG). T – 5:19.

400 relay: Maple Grove (Adrianna Carlson, Chloe Kibbe, Dana Jones, C. Walter). T – 55-3.

400: McCart (CSP), King (CSP), Caroline Benson (MG). T – 1:05.6.

400 h: Samantha Nickerson (CSP), Tori Lai (MG). T – 1:22.1.

800: Caroline Benson (MG), Katie Pacy (CSP), Kristin Kelemen (MG). T – 2:47.3.

200: Walter (MG), McCart (CSP), Cydney Amoroso (CSP). T – 27.7.

3,000: Pietrocarlo (MG), Norris (MG), Eliason (CSP). T – 11:51.

1,600 relay: Maple Grove (Benson, Ally Saar, Kelemen, Walter). T – 4:52.3.

Discus: K. Snaykyczuk (E/WV), Jenna Schwab (MG), Nicole Hemminger (MG). D – 90.

Shot put: Snaykyczuk (E/WV), Hemminger (MG), Schwab (MG). D – 31-9.

Long jump: Caroline Franczak (MG), Lindsey Smith (WV), Paige Michael (CSP). D – 12-8.

Pole vault: Sara Stawitzky (MG), Jenna Nocero (MG). H – 6-0.

High jump: Franczak (MG), Smith (E/WV). H – 4-4.

Triple jump: Ashley Beckwith (CSP), Carlson (MG), Tiffani Walker (CSP). D – 28-5.



PORTVILLE – Mckenna Maycock won four events as Randolph scored 87 points, Westfield-Brocton 47 points and Portville 43 points.

In dual-meet competition, Portville prevailed over Westfield-Brocton, 71-65, and Randolph over Portville, 96-44.

Maycock took the 100 in 15.4, the 400 in 1:05, the high jump in 5-0 and long jump in 16.

Tiffani Keys and Megan Steward also won two events for Randolph with Keys winning the shot put with a throw of 32-6 and discus with a toss of 79-3.

Steward was first in 3,000 in 13:06 and in the 1,500 in 5:49.

100: Mason (P). T – 13.5.

200: Wyant (W). T – 29,9.

400: Cabrella (W). T – 1:07.6.

800: Knapp (W). T – 2:41.

1,500: Steward (R). T – 5:49.

3,000: Steward (R). T – 13:-6.

100 h: Maycock (R). T – 15.4.

400: Maycock (R). T – 1:05.

Shotput: Keys (R). D – 32-6.

Discus: Keys (R). D – 79-3.

Pole vault: Evans (R), D – 31-10.

High jump: Maycock (R). D – 5-0.

Long jump: Maycock (R). D – 16-0.

3,200 relay: Westfield. T – 11;47.

400 relay: Portville. T – 55.3.

1,600 relay: Westfield. T – 4:17.