‘Murderous’ Revenge

Area residents may find the line between good and evil blurred after the debut of a new local film.

Michael Leo Centi, creator of “The Murderous Rampage Of Malachi Stitch,” has put the finishing touches on a new monster.

“The Murderous Revenge of Lizzie Stillborn,” the second movie of the “Murderous” trilogy, is set to premiere at the Reg Studio Theater on Saturday, May 3, at 9 p.m. Tickets are $6, and will be available at the door. Seating is limited.

“Stillborn” follows Centi as Detective Samantha Faucet as she tries to uncover the truth behind a series of murders by Lizzie Stillborn, who is played by Lisa Vaccaro.

“It’s about a woman who is accidentally resurrected from the dead. She returns to seek her revenge against those who she holds responsible for not only her death, but the death of her child,” Centi said. “The characters she seeks revenge against are reincarnated from the time when she was alive as a slave – there’s a whole backstory about that.”

Centi’s “Murderous” trilogy focuses on characters who are villains, but their actions may be viewed as justified.

“Lizzie is the villain, but you root for her because she is trying to make things right – it blurs the lines between good and evil,” Centi said.

Both the first and second portions of the “Murderous” trilogy were filmed in Jamestown. Some of the locations featured in the film include The Spire Theater and The Prendergast Library.

The projects utilized area residents as talent. More than 20 people were involved in the “Stillborn” project. The main actors include: Centi as Detective Samantha Faucet, Lisa Vaccaro as Lizzie Stillborn, Adam Hughes as Captain Jones, AnnMarie Phelps as Sister Vonfister, Dawn Beckman as psychic lab technician Cassandra Menvella and Don Traynor as Captain Englund.

“Many of the actors were people I worked with on musicals, past film work or were part of my personal life,” Centi said. “I plugged them into the part, and let them run wild with it.”

The film also features the return of characters who survived the “Malachi Stitch” project. Some minor characters from the first film become major characters in the sequel. Major characters from the first become minor characters, and even the new characters are interconnected.

“It’s not just a film where there’s a body count. Every character and their death counts – there’s meaning to it,” Centi said. “There’s gore in the films, but it’s just kind of the cherry on top. What drives the story is the characters, their personalities, backstories and the purpose they serve. We push the envelope in a lot of ways, but not so much gore. We push the boundaries as far as gender, sexuality, religion and politics – things that you’re not supposed to put together or talk about. That’s the horror we want people to try to process, but in a fun way.”

According to Vaccaro, she was very excited about being asked to take part in the film. She was originally asked to play the part of an old Asian man sensei, but she also took on other roles such as Gregory, the wheelchair-bound Rachel and Lizzie Stillborn.

“I have never participated in anything relating to drama – this was all new to me,” Vaccaro said. “I was not sure what to expect, but everything was so much fun. I would definitely do it all over again.”

Although he couldn’t reveal too many details about the third film of the trilogy, Centi did confirm that he plans on releasing it in the next few years.

“It’s going to go to the highest degree of pushing the envelope in different ways,” Centi said. “There will be new characters and old characters brought back that you thought were totally gone. A lot of loose ends will be tied up, but it will also challenge everything that came before it.”

Centi, a Jamestown native, is a 2001 graduate of Frewsburg Central School and 2009 human services graduate of Jamestown Community College. He is a former counselor of The Resource Center, and currently works as a licensed hair-dresser at the Chautauqua Mall MasterCuts.

For more information about the “Murderous” trilogy, search for “The Murderous Rampage of Malachi Stitch” on Facebook.

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