Get Informed And Vote

To the Readers’ Forum:

With all 435 seats of the House and 33 seats in the Senate up for grabs this November, it would seem imperative that every concerned citizen (who is qualified) should get out and vote.

I can’t count the number of complaints (concerning the mismanagement in the Beltway) I have heard in the last several years.

Everyone I have spoken with agrees that the federal government is usurping authority of states’ rights, businesses, individuals, etc..

This is blatantly obvious to the most casual observer. The current administration has imposed 440 new taxes.

The current run in Washington, D.C. is that of trampling our beloved Constitution. (Incidentally it has produced and maintained the most wonderful nation in the world for 238, plus or minus, years!) The debt is ridiculously farcical and they vote to grow it daily as though they were brain dead.

With a combined approval rating of only 12 percent for Congress, why do we see incumbents re-elected at an astounding rate of 94 percent? This can only bounce back to voters who are either: ignorant, lazy, selfish, defiant, stupid or staying at home on Election Day.

I leave you to do the math. Perhaps there are now more voting (legal or otherwise) people who are getting the free stuff. This brings us to the point that we are not a democracy.

Democracies have been proven to wicked ends.

We are a constitutional republic, a nation of laws (our constitution), which is currently being trampled!

The only hope is November elections; get informed, get informed, get informed and then vote.

Dr. Donald V. Erickson

Lighthouse Baptist Church,