Stormwater Project Set For Little Valley

LITTLE VALLEY – When that deluge of water falls from the sky during the spring and summer months, have you ever thought about what happens to it? Where does it go? What should be done about it?

A new demonstration project will be established for best practices and education on stormwater management around the Cattaraugus County Department of Public Works building in Little Valley.

The project, which is the brainchild of Ginger Malak, senior regional development coordinator for Southern Tier West, will demonstrate the best practices and some bad practices for municipal officials to learn what they can do in their areas, as well as future plans to be a general public educational center with kiosks to describe what is being seen.

With the full cooperation of Joseph Pillittere, Cattaraugus County public works commissioner, the educational facility will have a grand opening on May 22, with installation activity to show how some of the management systems are installed and what they are made of. Before that can happen, however, Malak said an initial installation of some of the demonstration site will be installed Monday and Tuesday, at the DPW Building.

Crews from Alfred State University will be on hand to help install a pervious pavement system as sidewalks and as parking squares. The pavement allows water to filter through to prevent standing and pooling water, Malak said. Other items will include dams, liners and many different types of ditches.

The project, though nearly completely paid for through a $37,050 grant from the Appalachian Regional Commission, does not cover all that is needed in this phase of the project, Malak said. Donations of time and materials are still needed to complete the phase.

“Not everything we are envisioning for the Little Valley site is included,” she said. “I hope our vision comes to light.”

The project is still in need of culverts, catch basins, riprap and other items. Businesses that are willing to help out are encouraged to contact Malak at 945-5301, ext. 2201.