Cassadaga Shows Off Students’ Hard Work

SINCLAIRVILLE – Excitement was in the air as students went the extra mile to show their hard work has paid off.

There was humor as well as pride in the 12th-grade physics presentation held at a recent Cassadaga Valley Central School board meeting. Students showed off their wooden/plastic amusement park rides they built. They also had a few jokes.

“The law of physics says if you are benched, you should stay on the bench,” one male student said.

Students even incorporated their own profound thoughts into the presentation.

“These are the things we all encounter in life,” one female student said.

Physics teacher Dawn Weatherbee said she is very proud of her students.

“They started working on their projects in the first week of March; by March 28, they were done,” she said. “Here, they can imagine what physics is like, but to really experience it and apply it to real life is great.”

Weatherbee is taking her 12th-grade class to Darien Lake May 19.

“That is a day Darien Lake provides for math and physics classes,” she said. “Only those students come.”

Workbooks will be handed to the students in order to show them in detail how rides work.

“They will have real-world application and experience,” Weatherbee said. “They will understand gravity and forces in everyday life, even energy transformation.”

Weatherbee explained her students’ presentations.

“They needed to understand the whole planning process in designing rides,” she said. “Each one needed grass, water and concrete.”

Also during the meeting, Elementary Principal John Kwietniewski commented on how Common Core tends to focus too much on English language arts and math.

“We don’t just do ELA and math,” he said. “We teach handwriting, too.”

The elementary school likes to emphasize the importance of handwriting.

“We want to put those methods back into place,” Kwietniewski said.

The 23rd annual Zaner-Bloser National Handwriting Contest featured several Sinclairville elementary students.

“They all had to write the sentence ‘The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog’ because it contains every letter in the alphabet,” Kwietniewski said.

There were first-, second-, fourth- and fifth-grade winners who received certificates and awards.

“Congratulations on a job well done,” Kwietniewski said. “You represented the district well in a statewide competition.”