‘Time To Pay The Till’

To the Readers’ Forum:

I agree wholeheartedly with my neighbor Sam Latona in his article ”Time to Pay the Till” in the April 9 edition of The Post Journal, Section D.

We are continuously being hit with reassessment letters on our property and then a tax hike follows in the Busti-Lakewood area.

If you slightly improve or replace anything on your property to improve the appearance along comes the reassessment letter and tax hikes often before the project is completed.

This sure doesn’t make a person want to upkeep the property. Especially because by the time you retire, you will be taxed right out of the very home you have worked your whole life to have. Not the American Dream!

Sam has the right idea on tax reduction for seniors, only I would add at age 65, reduce the taxes. Everything does keep rising in cost, taxes, utilities, food, gas, while pay checks stay the same.

Is this the way we treat our senior citizens in Chautauqua and in New York State? That answer is yes!

Our young people are not staying in Chautauqua County because there are no decent paying jobs. Our senior citizens are being pushed out by tax increases.

Instead of our community raising money for projects only a few people will benefit from, why not put more effort into bringing decent paying jobs to our area. Reduce seniors’ taxes!

Reach out to the people in the community that are here and need help to stay here, now!

Write your governor today!

Sherry Piazza