Black-Belt Promotions

Recent black belt promotions were announced at Johnson’s Black Belt Academy after a seven-hour exam of all aspects of true martial arts training including Kata (forms), Waza (self defense) Kihon(basics) Kumite (sparring), Tamashiwara(board breaking) and physical endurance. Dan refers to degree of black belt. In front, from left are Jessie Linamen, promoted to second Dan; Rick Johnson, ninth Dan chief instructor; and Ryleigh Ecklund, promoted to first Dan. In the second row are Jeff Anderson, eighth Dan testing board; Jon Upton, promoted to first Dan; Riley Stanko, promoted to first Dan; Madisyn Ecklund, promoted to first Dan; Steven Lamb, promoted to second Dan; Alexis Nyquist, promoted to second Dan; Dylan Sorensen, promoted to first Dan; and Sierra Gilliland, promoted to first Dan. In the third row are Howard Linamen, promoted to fourth Dan; Christina Kebort, promoted to eighth Dan; Jeremy McIntyre, promoted to seventh Dan; Stephen Ashbaugh. Promoted to second Dan; Emily Reitz, promoted to second Dan; Zachary Tucher, promoted to second Dan; and Kaycee Morgan promoted to second Dan. In the fourth row are Leonard Barsody, eighth Dan testing board; Greg Flagella, promoted to eighth Dan; Brandon Okruch, promoted to third Dan; Dylan Redfield, promoted to first Dan; Grant Duffee, promoted to first Dan; and Parker Eaton, promoted to first Dan. In back are Don Nelson, eighth Dan testing board; Craig Ames, sixth Dan testing board; Kyle Corbin, promoted to third Dan; James Lopus, promoted to third Dan; Randy Dickey, sixth Dan testing board.

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