‘Bravo, Mr. Plyler!’

To The Reader’s Forum:

I would like to join the community in celebrating the 35th Birthday of Bob Plyler’s “Critical Eye” column. It has been running every Saturday in The Post-Journal since 1980. How extraordinary! What a major, sustained, contribution Mr. Plyler has made to the Arts in Chautauqua County with this column.

I do not have the actual statistics, but Mr. Plyler wrote in his April 5th column that he has written in the past year alone “117 articles, some of which included as many as six reviews of different productions, and we have been doing roughly that much, since 1980”!

That adds up to roughly 4,095 articles in 35 years! I don’t know how many reviews he must have written. As a writer myself, this makes my head spin. That is perhaps millions of words! And all of them written under a deadline.

What a great asset Mr. Plyler’s reviews and observations are in helping the residents of Chautauqua County become more enlightened about what is happening in the Arts world around them!

What a great asset his reviews and features are in motivating people to fill seats in arts venues.

The support his column offers Arts groups is incalculable.

And … Mr. Plyler does not just write about theatre. I have read his column for many years. He opines with great knowledge about books, visual arts, music of all genres, movies, dance, cultural and educational events, and obituaries of people in the Arts. I am sure I am leaving something out.

I say Bravo, Mr. Plyler! Happy Birthday “Critical Eye”! I hope you and your column are a part of the community for many more years to come.

Tom Andalora

New York City