Be Proud Of Our Flag; Replace Those That Are Damaged

To the Readers’ Forum:

Readers’ Forum printed an article on a recent picture of the presentation of the American Flag to the BPU. In all fairness to the folks involved, I feel a need to explain. The ”blouse” worn by the involved are costume vests made of material purchased at a local business for the use of a July 4 parade float. The material was not the American flag. It had the colors and stars of the flag. We are proud of our flag and have great respect for America’s flag.

More people need to open their minds and heart to realize the purpose of the showing of the flag and what it means. Men and women have fought and died to protect this country. Don’t let the display of the flag they fought for be an issue to criticize and hurt those who show the flag. Look around our city and you will notice that there are flags flying that are torn to the point shedding. They need to be removed or replaced. Our local veteran’s organizations will gladly take them and give them proper retirement.

With all this said, I will continue to display and provide flags to organizations that service our community. Be proud, people of Jamestown. This is your flag!

Peter Carlo