Bird Of Prey

The public is invited to attend a live bird of prey demonstration Wednesday at 7 p.m. at Jamestown Community College’s Carnahan Theater at 525 Falconer St. in Jamestown. Master Falconer and professional public speaker Mike Dupuy will travel here with his live birds from central Pennsylvania.

Dupuy is one of the country’s top falconry and bird of prey experts and passionately pursues falconry as a sport, a profession and a metaphor for universal human aspirations. His exploits have been captured in film, video, print and through hundreds of live performances.

Dupuy was born in Haiti and grew up in New York and Washington. As an adult, he has traveled widely pursuing his passion for falconry to such far-flung places as China, United Arab Emirates, Mongolia, Russia, Japan, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and South America.

This visit by an inspiring motivational speaker with his live birds of prey is being sponsored by the local bird club. Roger Tory Peterson Institute Ornithological Club president Tom Simmons said this program will be free of charge as the club’s gift to the community.