Kings Of The Ring

Some larger than life characters took to the ring in Jamestown on Friday evening.

Nearly 250 area residents gathered at Jamestown Community College’s physical education complex on Friday to witness former ECW and WWE superstar Terry “Rhino” Gerin face-off against Erie’s John “Big League” McChesney.

The match was hard-fought, and resulted in some out-of-the-ring action. Rhino and McChesney both ended in a rough-and-tumble in the bleachers, giving the audience an up-close feeling. McChesney managed to overpower Rhino, and sent him tumbling down the stairs back toward the ring. A chair was also involved in the match. Rhino’s strength was not enough to gore McChesney though, and the match was won by “Big League.”

Rhino, who had never before been to Jamestown, was excited about the opportunity to visit Lucille Ball’s hometown. He was also glad to see how responsive the Jamestown crowd was to wrestling.

“I’m totally excited about coming to Jamestown – it’s my first time ever actually wrestling in Jamestown,” Rhino said. “I heard it’s the birthplace of Lucille Ball, so now I can add that to the list of places I’ve been. The fans have been very responsive and I’m happy to be in such a nice building – it’s a nice little town.”

The show also featured matches between: “Reckless” Ryan Swift against “Retro” Rex Atkins; Martin Midnight and Robbie Vegas against Davy Delight and Troy Buchannan; Brian “Buffalo Bad Boy” Jennings against Warchild; a three-way match with James Santel, Tyce Schneider and Troy Franklin Jr.; and more. Tammy Lynn “Sunny” Sytch was scheduled to make an appearance, but was unable to make it to the event.

Randy Grey, organizer and promoter, was quite excited to have Rhino in Jamestown because he and one of his friends, who was also at the show, were in the front row at an ECW show many years ago and they had a great time seeing Rhino back then.

“Rhino is a force to be reckoned with, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he made it back into the bigger federations. He still has what it takes, and is still young,” Grey said. “A lot of people say there’s nothing to do in Jamestown, but we’ve got an affordable, family-friendly show here. The little ones are going to remember coming to the college. I remember my mom bringing me to Allen Park Ice Rink way back when, and I know these kids are going to remember when Rhino was in town for Buffalo Championship Wrestling.”

Chris Smith, of Frewsburg, brought his partner, Mallory Swanson, and his two children, Sydney and Gavin, to the event. To prepare for the show, the family watched wrestling at home. Gavin was quite excited for the chance to meet Rhino, he said.

“It’s low-cost entertainment for the family,” Smith said. “We got to meet Rhino, and we’re hoping to see a good show.”

In addition to being a family-friendly evening of entertainment, the event was also a fundraiser for Jamestown Community College’s wrestling team. Nearly $400 was raised for the team. The event was presented by BPW and Entertainment Group.

Grey will also host Brutus “The Beefcake” Barber and Marty Jannetty at the Gateway Train Station on July 11 for a “Barbershop Special.” For more information, search for “Buffalo Championship Wrestling” on Facebook or